October 23, 2009

Seminary Professor Agrees with Muslims that Jesus NOT divine!

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What about a professor at a Mainline Protestant seminary who openly agrees with the Muslim view that Jesus was not divine but disagrees with Muslims who actually do believe in the Virgin Birth?!

This professor is the infamously radical Rosemary Radford Ruether, herself a dissident Catholic, she has for years taught at United Methodist seminaries (Probably no Catholic school would hire her). She previously taught at United Methodist Garrett Seminary in Chicago, from which she mercifully retired. But now she is Visiting Professor of Feminist Theology at the United Methodist-affiliated Claremont School of Theology in California.

No doubt seminarians who study under her will be highly effective, soul-winning pastors! Ha-ha-ha. Actually, it’s hardly a laughing matter when parts of our churches actively promote views that deny Christ.

Ruether is famous for her espousal of “Gaia,” the idea that the earth is itself a living breathing organism and the equivalent of goddess. She is endlessly provocative. Recently she was featured at a church-hosted anti-Israel conference here in Washington, D.C. organized by Friends of Sabeel. She thinks that Israel and the United States are “genocidal,” of course. This is thanks to the Bible whose Hebrew Scriptures, she believes, advocate genocide.

Noting that Muslims reject the Trinity, Ruether declared: “That is, in my view, a good idea.” She went on to dismiss the uniqueness of Christ, saying that Jesus was made in the image of God “only in the sense everyone else is.” Then she noted that Muslims “are pretty sure that Mary is a virgin, too – which is more than I believe.”

Read Jeff Walton’s report about all this here.

This Sabeel anti-Israel conference also hosted United Methodist Global Ministries official David Wildman. He compared Israel to old racist, Apartheid South Africa and urged divestment against Israel. Apparently he forgot that the United Methodist General Conference last year rejected anti-Israel divestment. It’s funny how some church officials forget about their church’s official actions. You can read more here.

Jeff wrote another article about the Sabeel conference, where the audience loudly applauded when someone suggested people should “vote the Jewish state out of existence.” Read that here.

In other news, there continue to be reverberations from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) promotion of liberalized immigration. The Salvation Army and some other NAE members say they did not support the NAE resolution and do not take political positions on immigration. Here’s my article. And here’s Alan Wisdom’s analysis of what is troubling about the NAE stance.

Recently, I wrote about how parts of the Religious Left may be turning against President Obama over the war in Afghanistan. I also wrote about the Religious Left’s continuing hostility to Columbus Day, which for them is a celebration of “genocide.”

Faith McDonnell wrote about her encounter with a Chinese dissident who lost his legs to a Chinese tank at Tiananmen Square and who has since become a Christian. American doctors have wonderfully constructed new legs for him, and Faith saw him dance with his wife in celebration!

In our troubled and fallen world, God remains faithful, demonstrating His love, and extending His grace to all of us who are undeserving. We place our hope in Him.



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