O Saving Victim

by (@bjgingerich) April 17, 2014

I’ve had it all wrong. This way is not the way of death. It is the way of life, and that eternal.

SYMPOSIUM: Recognizing the Real and Good

by (@bjgingerich) April 8, 2014

The Church’s teaching on sexuality and marriage is an assent to the world.

Hobby Lobby and the Ideology of Discrimination

by (@bjgingerich) April 3, 2014

“We are now entering a realm where the government is seen as the insurer of autonomy and must grow in power to achieve that end.”

You Must Learn How to Pray

by (@bjgingerich) March 26, 2014

Man must be taught how to pray. While he always worships, he does not naturally know how to pray.

Bishop Thomas Ken: a Case of Theological and Political Integrity

by (@bjgingerich) March 24, 2014

The glow of Thomas Ken’s life causes us to long for ecclesiastical figures of such tremendous discernment and integrity as we enter an era no less confusing and fractious as the good bishop’s. May church leaders who interact with the government show such upright character, no matter the cost. As Bishop Ken proves, the price tag for ethical stands is rarely cheap.

Mark Driscoll’s Repentance and Us

by (@bjgingerich) March 18, 2014

If you reject repentance and forgiveness, then Christianity probably isn’t the religion for you, for grace and mercy are the very things our Savior extends to all of us.

Weddings Cakes, Evangelicals, and Philistinism

by (@bjgingerich) February 26, 2014

Jethani, of course, entitled his piece “An Evangelical Case for Gay Wedding Cakes.” No doubt his word processor inquired, “You typed ‘evangelical.’ Did you mean to write ‘Mainline Protestant liberal’ instead?”

#Facepalm Friday: Pres. Bishop Jefferts-Schori to Give C. S. Lewis Lecture

by (@bjgingerich) February 21, 2014

Lewis has not only united classical Anglicans but Christians in general with his impressive corpus of writing; Jefferts Schori has managed to help catalyze a global rupture in the world third largest Christian communion.

United Methodist Figureheads Seek Arrest…Again

by (@bjgingerich) February 17, 2014

Bishop Carcaño, no stranger to liberal political activism, announced, “We are willing to be arrested in front of the White House to tell the president that compassion on immigration starts with the stroke of his pen.”

Carthago Delenda Est, or Defending Herbert

by (@bjgingerich) February 4, 2014

“[The country parson] is in great confusion, as being not only to receive God, but to break and administer him. Neither finds he any issue in this but to throw himself down at the throne of grace, saying Lord, thou knowest what thou didst when thou appointedst it to be done thus; therefore do thou fulfil what thou dost appoint; for thou art not only the feast, but the way to it.”