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Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions – Good Initiative, Timely Judgment

May 10, 2016

Chris Backert, National Director of Fresh Expressions US, challenges churches to join the dream God has initiated to expand His Kingdom.

Anglican Missionaries

Anglican Missionaries “Facing a Task Unfinished”

April 12, 2016

A major Anglican missions conference calls for churches to commit more resources and young adults to reach those who had never heard the Gospel.

Pastor Dale Locke of Community of Hope with his wife, Beth

Evangelicals Continue Dominating Fastest-Growing UMC Congregations

March 30, 2016

Once again, the data shows that the senior pastors of United Methodism’s fastest-growing congregations are primarily evangelicals, largely educated at Asbury.

Curry 5

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop: Anglicans Didn’t “Vote us off island”

February 8, 2016

Episcopalians won’t see changes stemming from requirements put in place by top Anglican bishops, according to the church’s Presiding Bishop.

South Sudanese pastors Yat and Yen at their trial in Khartoum.

Snookered by Sudan (When Being Innocent as a Dove is Not Enough)

June 8, 2015

The sad truth is that statements that create doubt about Sudan’s persecution and genocide – and about the regime that perpetrates it – give the U.S. government and the world community one more excuse to not act to stop it.

GSUMC Latino

Talbot Davis: A Successfully Established Spanish-Language Service

December 12, 2014

An evangelical United Methodist pastor in North Carolina looks back on his large congregation’s establishing a growing Latino worship community two years ago.

Photo credit: John Lomperis / IRD

Tom Tumblin: Asbury Seminary Launches Church-Planting Initiative

December 11, 2014

Professor Thomas Tumblin shares exciting news about the new Church Planting Initiative in the evangelical seminary that educates far more United Methodist ministers than any other school.

Dr. Michael Youssef, pastor of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, GA and founder and president of Leading the Way.

Michael Youssef on the Islamist Threat to Christianity

September 4, 2014

Speaking at Southern Seminary, Dr. Michael Youssef warned Christians about the threat posed by radical Islam and denounced those who water down Christianity to “Chrislam” to gain Muslim converts.

John Wesley Preaching on his father's tomb (Archives of DePauw University)

How Should Methodism View Politics?

April 26, 2014

One central insight into Wesley’s public theology was his belief, as Oden describes, that “people share in the political sins of their country.” Wesley declared in 1775, in a service memorializing British soldiers killed in America: “God frequently punishes a people for the sins of their rulers, because they are generally partakers of their sins, in one kind or other.”

The Rt. Rev. David Hicks joins his brother bishops in Nairobi. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

IRD Exclusive: Bishop David Hicks on GAFCON II (Part 1)

November 5, 2013

“It seems to me that the Global South is much more adept at giving its testimony to witness for the Gospel and to stand for Christ in a way that is not afraid of being marginalized or disliked or even for hostility directed back at it. I think in the West our culture has put us in a place where we are often afraid to speak boldly, to make the exclusive claims of the Gospel, and to present Jesus Christ in a very straightforward way because we want to be accepted.”

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Field Notes – Day 1: Does Hope for the West Lie in Africa?

July 29, 2013

I sit at my desk looking out at the bright green ficus tree as the gentle breeze brings the smell of cookfires and city life.  I hear the sound of men making cloth through…

IRD Exclusive: Bishop Ray Sutton on the Reformed Episcopal Resurgence

July 8, 2013

by Barton Gingerich (@bjgingerich) During the Anglican Way Institute, IRD’s Barton Gingerich had the opportunity to sit down with the Rt. Rev. Ray Sutton, bishop coadjutor in the Diocese in Mid-America of the Reformed…