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China and the WHO Cover Up Coronavirus

Kate Cvancara on July 27, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) is covering for China’s deception involving the origin and use of the coronavirus according to experts Claudia Rosett and Gordon Chang. And if supposedly neutral UN agencies favor illiberal regimes and spread disinformation, western countries and religious minorities are in great danger.

The experts were hosted at a webinar produced by the Center for Security Policy. The webinar was the first in a five-part series on biosecurity to accompany the launching of the Center’s new book, Defending Against Biothreats: What We Can Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic to Enhance U.S. Defenses Against Pandemics and Biological Weapons (available from Amazon).

Rosett, an award-winning foreign affairs journalist, and Chang, a renowned columnist and author, argued on July 21 that China and the WHO are responsible for propagating a global pandemic, which makes the U.S. withdrawal from the WHO critical for defense. “This is may be the first time in history,” Chang warned, “where one country has attacked every other country.”

Proof that China and the WHO are mutually sewing deception grows by the minute, but some of the most condemning evidence was apparent from the beginning. On December 31st, the WHO claimed that China had notified them about an “unknown pneumonia.” But China did no such thing. During that time, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus flew to Beijing to meet with President Xi Jinping to praise China’s quick responses while knowing China was covering the outbreak.

It was not until January 30th that the WHO declared the Corona virus a global international health emergency. But by then, there were already 68 cases in 15 countries. It was too late to stop the international spread.

Additionally, on January 9th, China issued a statement that the virus was not human to human transmissible, knowing full well it was. The WHO echoed China’s statement, allowing global travel to continue unimpeded, with no restrictions, quarantines, or other safety measures.

“The WHO basically is running cover for China’s lies,” Rosett noted, “and assisting in the deception to provide a seal of good housekeeping with the UN label.” Abusing UN agencies is nothing new, but abusing an agency critical for responding to a global pandemic is.

The only thing that really explains this behavior, according to Chang, is Xi Jinping’s desire to “cripple other countries as much as China was initially crippled by the virus.” Ghebreyesus has a lot of connections to China, and if he “isn’t just incompetent”—which is unlikely— “then he is deeply corrupt.”

Behind the scenes, Chang revealed that the Wuhan Institute experimented on more than 1000 coronaviruses. He claimed that there is no other purpose to study and engineer viruses other than weapons purposes. In fact, “the coronavirus is not acting in a way that is normal for coronaviruses” Chang observed.

When the WHO finally begins a serious investigation, Rosett argued, “it will be unfruitful…the more time that goes by, the harder it is to track the origin of the virus.” The organization has only just started gathering an investigation team to find the alleged ground zero.  

But as the most systematic and thorough surveillance state in the world, are people supposed to believe that China had no idea where this virus came from? The WHO,” Rosett observed, “reminds decidedly uncurious” and the investigation will be a joke—or worse—a cover up.

The next step for securing the safety of the USA, according to the experts, is a successful withdrawal from the WHO. “The WHO is actively doing harm,” Rosett observed. “We built it, we fund it, but the Chinese rule it.” Although the organization brags about its achievements, such as eradicating smallpox and polio, it’s the USA’s funding and drive that made these health feats possible. Rosett posited that, in fact, “The US is the only country that ever tries to reform the WHO, but it is a collective action problem. Other countries have a free ride on the gravy train.”

Involvement with the WHO makes Americans vulnerable, according to Chang. The best time to withdraw from the organization is now, “especially in the middle of a pandemic.” We can help ensure this end, Chang claimed, by preventing Biden from taking office, as he’s announced his intent to cancel Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization.  

The next step requires cutting as many ties with China as possible. “The brand of communism in China is non-reformable,” Change observed. Limiting trade investment, travel, technical partnerships, and other relationships will limit the US vulnerability and dependency. It will be difficult, but Chang concluded that the US has “no choice.”

In addition, Rosett outlined the need to tell people the truth. If American officials have it in their power to tell the truth about the coronavirus, its origins, and Chinese involvement, “they need to do so now.” Rosett concluded that “we are in the 1930s.” It is paramount that we acquire information and cut business ties to safeguard against the emboldened communist regime.

If not to protect ourselves, the US should withdraw to protect religious minorities. If an institution that supposedly promotes global health starts siding with China–a country known for the Falun Gong’s forced organ harvesting and the Uyghur Muslims labor camps– then there may be no public health and safety for religious minorities. A China that treats “ideological problems” as a disease will undoubtedly treat real diseases based on ideological affiliations. It is foolish to expect the WHO’s medical neutrality when the CCP’s colonization promotes communist uniformity and state worship.

Ultimately, the best preventative care the USA can take for both itself and for religious minorities is to withdraw from the WHO in the middle of a pandemic.

  1. Comment by David on July 27, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    I seem to remember someone in Washington who was downplaying the seriousness of the virus early on. It was all supposed to disappear with the warming weather. The WHO has an annual budget of about $4.4 billion which is nothing in terms of governmental expenses. The budget of the largest city in the US is $92 billion. I see the Gates Foundation donates an amount to WHO equal to about half of the US contribution. The UN has always been a target of right wing groups. Let us not forget it was WHO that organized the eradication of smallpox and has greatly reduced polio.

  2. Comment by Ah, more revioionist history I see on July 28, 2020 at 9:51 am


    I see you have bought into the narrative hook, line, and sinker. President Trump made a bad decision to trust his experts, then he stopped travel from China or things would have been worse. You and so many people constantly trash a man who almost completely shut down an economy for months and possibly trashed his hopes to be reelected because he did the best he and his advisors could do to ‘flatten the curve’ on a disease nobody knew how to handle. All the while the leaders in the party you support said the travel ban was racist and go enjoy Chinese New Year festivities just as the epidemic was ramping up.

    WHO did a great job, like many other NGO’s, for a while after their founding. But to equate a corrupt, incompetent organization under the thumb of a dictatorship with the small, effective, physician run organization from decades ago is just wilful ignorance.

    Trump is not a great president, but he needs prayers and support as the Federal government tries to deal with the troubles he deals with. Instead it’s been all out war against him since his election in 2016, and I’m getting tired of hearing the garbage over and over again.

  3. Comment by David on July 29, 2020 at 9:22 am

    I do not know what “narrative” you are ranting about. I do my own thinking after considering the facts. This being an election year, there are attempts to divert blame to other parties after first denying there was any problem at all. Most people voting did not want the current person as president.

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