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November 14, 2019

Endowment Records: PC(USA) Has Money, SBC Has Students

Records of America’s mainline Protestant denominations show that the Presbyterian Church (USA) wins the endowment award, just short of $2B total across nine seminaries. Remove Princeton Theological Seminary‘s endowment ($1.038B, more than four times higher than its closest competitor, UMC’s Candler School of Theology, with $225M), and the number shrinks to just over $900M. The Southern Baptist Convention, though, easily posts the highest number of students across its seminaries. Its seminaries hold three of the top five spots on the list of schools with the most students enrolled full-time. For more information, see the charts below.

9 Responses to Endowment Records: PC(USA) Has Money, SBC Has Students

  1. Lee D. Cary says:

    Thanks, Josiah.

    So, the liberal progressive seminaries will continue to crank out graduates for whom the clergy job market, in those venues, are declining? Why? Because they can.

  2. JR says:

    What are the annual tuition costs at the various seminaries? My understanding is that the SBC ones cost about 1/3 of the UMC ones.

    That cost differential is significant when it comes to making decisions, as it’s not like becoming a pastor is an extremely lucrative profession.

  3. Tom says:

    So why would anyone attend a PCUSA seminary? If only from a crass marketing perspective, jobs prospects have to be dismal in a denomination shrinking as rapidly as the PCUSA.

  4. William H. Jennings says:

    I used to have a rather anemic guilty conscience because years ago I discontinued giving part of my tithe to my Alma Mater, Princeton Seminary, but today, even that is gone – no regrets! My tithe goes to much worthier causes. PTS grad from the good old days (1960-1965

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