A Rough Ninety-Six Hours in Libya: Observations on the Attempts to Destroy Christianity in Africa

Scott Morgan on April 20, 2015

Guest column by Scott Morgan, Intelligence Analyst, Red Eagle Enterprises

The news originating from Libya over the last 4 days seems to be such that when one thinks it cannot possibly get worse, the next item in the news cycle is more horrific than the one before.

From ships capsizing in the Mediterranean, to reports that Muslim migrants actually threw Christians overboard before being rescued, to the execution of Ethiopian Christians, current events show a Libya in more turmoil than it has endured since it was taken by Arab/Islamic conquest in the Middle Ages. Previous to that, Libya had been a center of Christianity going back to Simon of Cyrene, and to St. Mark himself.

ISIS or Daesh has once again shown that they are masters of social media and political opportunists. It cannot be a coincidence that the video showing the execution of captured Ethiopian Christians in Libya by ISIS was released while the King of Jordan was meeting with four East African presidents in Aqaba. Although Ethiopia was not attending this summit, the country does have its share of issues with radical Muslim insurgents.

Another concern is that of Libya Dawn. There are reports that the group has been refurbishing some SU-25s which gives the organization capacity for air operations. Libya Dawn has obviously had some success recruiting members of the former Kaddafi-era Libyan Air Force. This gives the group the ability to launch counterattacks against any raids coming from Egypt or others who are fighting against ISIS.

The video of the killing of 30 Ethiopian Christians is just the latest affront against the Body of Christ in Africa. The extent of the carnage is mind-boggling. In addition to the latest attacks on Christians taking place in Libya, it has not been long since the beheading of the 21 Coptic Christians in the same country. There was also the attack on Christian university students in Garissa, Kenya during Holy Week. Almost 150 students were slaughtered by al-Shabab jihadists when they were identified as Christians. In addition, over 70 churches were destroyed in Niger after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Add all of these targeted attacks on Christians and churches to what is taking place elsewhere on the continent – in Nigeria, in Central African Republic, and in Sudan, for example, and it appears that there is a concerted effort to remove all evidence of Christianity in Africa. This is a similar tactic to what is currently going on in Iraq and Syria, and throughout the Middle East.

But we keep hearing that this is not a religious war. . .

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