December 19, 2012

5 YouTube Videos of Christians That Could Make You an Atheist

Either sad or worshipping Christian

This is a natural reaction to the following videos. (Photo credit: Sisters of Faith)

God gives all of us gifts however that does not mean everyone reads the memo properly. Thanks to YouTube, we can record and share the worst missteps.

With the help of our crack writing team, we culled down our list to 5 videos of Christians that may make you want to relinquish your faith in anything divine. Here is our list, in no particular order, from worst to worst:

1. Are you having a bad day? Well this tune will probably make you feel worse and challenge your faith. With over 79,000 views, “Doom and Gloom” by YouTube “musician” ThirdEagleBooks will rain on your parade.


2. This rendition of “Looking for a City” by James Canupp will have you running for cover! This made our list for three reasons: 1) The performer is unaware of his lack of musical talent, 2) the intro is a nice nod to ragtime legends Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton and 3) the audience actually claps at the end.


3. Some children know what they want to be when they grow up. We just hope this young man changed his mind.


4. Jesus did not wear a dress. This pastor wants to ensure that you do not forget.


5. As the adage reminds us, truth is stranger than fiction. Defunct televangelist Benny Hinn embodies this point not only with his errant prosperity gospel, but also his over-the-top prayer ministry antics. A witty YouTuber exposed spiritual tomfoolery using Star Wars voice overs and some clever editing from the sermons.


Which video is your favorite? Stay tuned for more countdowns as Juicy Ecumenism wraps up 2012!

[Note: No televangelists were hurt in the curation of the above videos.]

6 Responses to 5 YouTube Videos of Christians That Could Make You an Atheist

  1. The last one was by far the best

  2. Donnie says:

    I remember the “Jesus wore pants” guy from a few years ago One of his videos made the rounds on some of Christian blogs, all about how the NIV translated I King 21:21 and made a big deal about how “I’m not going to pee sitting down!” I guess he’s just as nutty in other sermons, too.

  3. Paul Hoskins says:

    The secular media do a darn good job of making Christians look like nincompoops. So why are you jumping on their bandwagon? Did they plant some Christian-hating “mole” there at IRD?

  4. zbobby1990 says:

    I don’t need bad music to be an atheist. These certainly don’t help Christianity’s case, though.

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