November 12, 2012

Listen: South Carolina Diocese Splits from The Episcopal Church

Divided house in black and white

Jeff Walton represents Anglican Action, part of the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington, D.C. He joins us to discuss a decision by the theologically conservative Diocese of South Carolina to disaffiliate from The Episcopal Church. The denomination recently issued a disciplinary ruling (PDF) against the Bishop of South Carolina for not supporting the actions of the national church.

Listen the complete interview of Jeff Walton on The World Mag.

  • Eric Lytle

    At a time when leaders among the “evangelicals” (note the quotes) are conforming to the world on issues like immigration, nice to see the Episcopalians of South Carolina going in the opposite direction.

    When the Anglican Church in North American is finally bigger than the Episcopal Church, I wonder if the Episcopalians will still be scratching their heads.