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United Methodist General Conference Analysis

May 23, 2016

United Methodist General Conference 2016, good or bad? Mostly on the whole, good!


United Methodist Sex & Gridlock

May 19, 2016

The United Methodist Church’s bishops succeeded once again in suppressing prolonged and divisive plenary debate over sex at their denomination’s quadrennial governing General Conference, meeting May 10-20 in Portland, Oregon.


Maxie Dunnam: Don’t Substitute Feelings for Truth

May 18, 2016

If God is exacting judgment on the UMC, then what are faithful, orthodox Methodists to do in the meantime?


United Methodist Controversy & Bric-à-brac

May 14, 2016

Not every moment at United Methodist General Conference is controversial or unpleasant.


Methodists Unofficially “Ordain” Non-Celibate Lesbian at General Conference

May 13, 2016

Although the ordination has no standing, the ceremony was timed in advance of expected votes on sexuality and marriage at the denomination’s Portland gathering, where LGBT activists hope to elevate the issue.


United Methodist Rule 44, Dysfunction & Health

May 12, 2016

The governing body of the global United Methodist Church has taken a key vote indicating an orthodox majority likely to reaffirm the denomination’s traditional marriage teaching.

A Plea to My Centrist Friends in the United Methodist Church

A Plea to My Centrist Friends in the United Methodist Church

April 1, 2016

Editor’s Note: Talbot Davis is pastor of the massive, diverse Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and the author of Head Scratchers: When the Words of Jesus Don’t Make Sense, The Storm Before…


United Methodists & Religious Liberty

October 16, 2015

With help from DIGNITATIS HUMANAE, the 1965 Declaration on Religious Liberty from Pope John Paul VI, and from the early legacy of Methodist preaching, which benefited enormously from British and American religious freedom, here’s…

Why Was the 2012 General Conference So Unproductive and Dysfunctional? (Part 4)

December 14, 2012

The Final Judgment: Our UMC Needs Responsible, Courageous, and Trustworthy Leadership By John Lomperis In my recent four-part series, I have recounted how various groups of theologically revisionist activists aligned with the Common Witness…

Why Was the 2012 General Conference So Unproductive and Dysfunctional? (Part 2)

December 3, 2012

By John Lomperis In previous General Conferences, as in many other spheres of life, when people realize they are behind schedule and running out of time, there is a natural eagerness to get moving…

Broken processes characterized the 2012 United Methodist General Conference.  (Photo credit: 
Kaye Cee/ Fine Art America)

Why Was United Methodist General Conference So Dysfunctional? (Part 1)

November 29, 2012

The top governing authority in the global United Methodist Church is the quadrennial General Conference, which last met April 24 — May 4 in Tampa, Florida. We must not forget the positive. As IRD…

Code Pink Slings Mud — Dead Sea and Otherwise

June 12, 2012

What does Code Pink have in common with IRD? Under normal circumstances, I would say “Absolutely nothing, thanks be to God!” Code Pink woman “busts big banks.” But later this month, the flamboyant, aggressive women of…