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Iraqi children displaced by the Islamic State (Photo credit: Dale Gavlak for CNS)

Countering Jihad Part 1: Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Iraq Can’t Wait

February 16, 2015

Christians and other minorities in Iraq cannot wait for the United States government to grasp adequately the ideology behind what it terms “violent extremism.”

Congressman Says Obama Has Failed on Sudan

April 15, 2013

By Faith J. H. McDonnell (@Cuchulain09) Spurred by tens of thousands facing government-orchestrated starvation and continuous aerial bombardment in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State, and the continuing violence in genocide-wracked Darfur, U.S. Representative Frank…

A Congressman’s Crusade for Human and Religious Rights

January 15, 2013

By Faith McDonnell (@Cuchulain09) Evoking the moral apathy and failure of the past, U.S. Representative Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) recently asked church leaders around the United States to use their influence for those who are persecuted….