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Is Biological Determinism on its Way Out?

June 12, 2014

Without the bedrock of biological determinism, the LGBTQ movement loses its legal luster. The assembling power of “discrimination” becomes, instead, the rather ignorable whimper of disagreement.

Queen James Bible?

December 13, 2012

What follows is the official announcement for the recently published¬†Queen James Bible.¬†Please enjoy…or not. Homosexuality in The Bible Homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is…

Objectified Men and Same-sex Marriage

May 31, 2012

I would be remiss if I failed to share Marc Barnes’ most excellent blog, Bad Catholic. Although I’m not in the Roman fold myself, I benefit greatly from Mr. Barnes’ ¬†interspersed memes, loving audacity,…

Sexual Alphabet Soup

May 10, 2012

I just got back from a conference on the emergent church and youth ministry. One workshop was devoted to “welcoming the rainbow children” (kids from same-sex/other heterodox couples). We here at IRD pride ourselves…