The Remarkable Hobby Lobby Coalition

by (@HashtagGriswold) February 4, 2014

A snapshot of the remarkable coalition of Hobby Lobby supporters, which includes a organizations, individuals, and denominations of varying ideologies, faith, and partisan affiliation.

Did U.S. Senator Kirk Purposefully Sabotage Pro-Family Event?

by (@ChelsenVicari) November 23, 2013

Officials with pro-family organizations are protesting after apparently being purposefully slighted when a sponsoring U.S. Senator abruptly pulled the plug on a Capitol Hill symposium the night before it was scheduled to occur.

Justices’ Same-sex Marriage Clash Portends the Culture War’s Climactic Battle

by (@TheIRD) July 2, 2013

By Janice Shaw Crouse (@janicecrouse) The following article appeared in the July 2 edition of The Washington Times and is re-posted with permission. The real problem with the Supreme Court marriage decision is buried in the fine print. The dissent written by Justice Antonin Scalia is a resounding rebuttal of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s statement […]

IRD Board Chair Receives Woman of the Year Honors

by (@TheIRD) June 6, 2013

In May the World Congress of Families (WCF) honored IRD board Chair Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse for her steadfast advancement of pro-family issues. WCF released the following statement acknowledging Dr. Crouse’s recognition: At a special ceremony at World Congress of Families VII, in Sydney, Australia on May 17, Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse and Ignacio Arsuaga […]

Gosnell Trial Exposes Planned Parenthood Horrors

by (@TheIRD) April 26, 2013

By Janice Crouse Kermit Gosnell’s name is certain to be recorded as one of the most ghoulish figures in recent history. The revelations about his abortion “house of horrors” have appalled the nation, earning him the title of “human butcher.” The graphic images of his appalling techniques have horrified, sickened and dismayed people around the […]

Event Alert: Does the ‘War on Women’ Exist?

by (@TheIRD) April 8, 2013

Capitol Hill Symposium — “The ‘War on Women’: Does it Exist, and If So, What is It’s Nature.” When:  Friday, April 12, 2013 Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Where: Capitol Hill Visitor Center, Room 201 Lunch will be served at this free event. RSVP to Nicole King at: 815-964-5819 or Panelist: Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior […]

Feminist Leaders Compared to Religious Right Leaders

by (@nathanieltorrey) March 22, 2013

(Photo Source: by Janice Shaw Crouse (@janicecrouse) A recent study found that the number of working women who believe that a career is as important as being a wife and mother has fallen 23 percent since the 1970s.  Apparently, women are growing more and more uncomfortable with hardcore feminism and believe that it is […]

Aborting ‘Pro-Choice,’ Promoting ‘Nuance’

by (@TheIRD) January 23, 2013

By Janice Shaw Crouse and Mario Diaz As the United States –– with over a million abortions a year, one of the highest abortion rates among Western industrialized nations –– prepares to recognize the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wadedecision, abortion activists are quietly launching a new public relations strategy. Planned Parenthood, after admitting to selected reporters that the […]

IRD Board Chair Comments on Louie Giglio’s Ouster

by (@TheIRD) January 15, 2013

By Janice Shaw Crouse Last week, the Rev. Louie Giglio, pastor of Atlanta’s Passion City Church, was pressured to withdraw from giving the benediction at President Obama’s second inaugural ceremony. A liberal watchdog group uncovered a two-decades-old sermon in which Mr. Giglio preached a biblically-based message that homosexuality, like other sins, required repentance — and […]

Who Says Marriage is Obsolete?

by (@TheIRD) October 1, 2010

Janice Shaw Crouse October 1, 2010 Dr. Janice Crouse is Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think-tank for Concerned Women for America, and is an IRD board member. Her article was originally published on the American Spectator website and is reposted with permission. Those familiar with the creation story in Scripture know that when God viewed […]