The Minister Who Moved a Mountain

We are tempted to believe these are the darkest days our nation has ever seen. I’m not sure I believe that anymore.

Nicola Menzie

Facts Don’t Care about Feelings in Painful Race Realities

The Christian ethic of love rejects the temptation to castigate and ostracize those who reject the predominant yet dishonest racial narrative.

Religious Liberty

Christian Educational Integration

Christian Educational Institutions’ Looming Choice between God and the State – Part 2

Christian educational institutions are services to God. They must conduct themselves according to Christian standards … They cease to be Christian if they compromise with sin, because they are to maintain separation from sin (2 Cor. 16:17). If a Christian ministry is required to sin, it should move or close its doors, as it cannot serve God in a compromised condition.

Val Rosenquist

Complaints Filed Against Charlotte Methodist Pastor for Conducting Same-Sex Marriage

“They have demonstrated a profound lack of personal integrity, by breaking their own word, and an extreme disrespect for the majority of United Methodists, who do not agree with their actions,” says UMAction Director John Lomperis.

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