Judicial Council

UMC Court Rules Against Lesbian Bishop

United Methodist Top Court Makes Clear: “Openly Homosexual and Partnered” People Cannot be Clergy, Bishops.

LGBTQ Activists

LGBTQ Activists at Vigil: “We Will Tear Down the Walls”

In a vigil marking the end of a pivotal session by Methodism’s top court, LGBTQ activists and clergy gathered for a time of singing, sharing, and communion.

Sue Laurie protesting outside the church trial of Amy DeLong (Photo credit: UMNS / Mike DuBose)

Prominent United Methodist LGBTQ Activist Admits UMC Unlikely to Liberalize on Sexual Morality

A prominent LGBTQ activist within the UMC admits it “doesn’t look” like denomination will liberalize anytime soon.

Blaine Amendments

Trinity Lutheran and Separationism, Old and New

A nineteenth century relic of the long-running, but now passé, Protestant/Catholic conflict, retooled for use by secularists against religious organizations, may be on the chopping block at the Supreme Court this spring.

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