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Albert Mohler Sees God’s Sovereignty in a Time of Darkening Skies

In today’s trial, Christians “are to be a people of justice, mercy, and humility.” Jesus is the “once and future king,” and we can sleep “in the knowledge that all of our lives have been a preparation for this moment under God’s sovereignty.”


10 Encouraging Scriptures to Remember During Election 2016

Whatever the outcome of election 2016, one thing is clear: God is in control. Scripture assures us that our Lord ordains governments, rulers, and nations.

Hipster Calvinism

Hipster Calvinism

Many of America’s cities are filled with theologically conservative, reformed new church plants that appeal to young people. Thank God for them, and may He continue to prosper them. But it’s sad that United Methodism offers almost no equivalent urban ministry.

Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven & The Church

Magnificent Seven is the story of righteousness pursued, with theology and the church featuring prominently in the new version.

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