End of White Christian America

Book Review: The End of White Christian America

“The End of White Christian America” narrates the historical development and decline of a religious and national phenomenon, functioning not only as a eulogy for the once prominent majority but also the obituary.

Episcopal Church Membership

Episcopal Church Continues Uninterrupted Decline

New statistics show a denomination continuing a gradual, uninterrupted decline in 2015, while dioceses in New England, the Rust Belt and rural areas face an especially grim future.

Christian Declaration American Foreign Policy

Christian Foreign Policy Declaration Unveiled

The declaration, published in Providence’s summer 2016 issue, argues for a prudent and robust American foreign policy informed by realism and moral responsibility, in defense of a stable and just liberal world order.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

The Appealing Paradox of Nadia Bolz-Weber

What is it that makes Nadia Bolz-Weber simultaneously fascinating and puzzling to Christians of various stripes?

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