Prerequisites for Cultural Transformation

The efforts of Christians in the late twentieth century could have been much more successful, whereas they turned out to be disastrous, because they focused on political action without the necessary cultural support.


Clergywoman’s Patriotism

A Free Methodist Church clergywoman recounts here how she rediscovered her American patriotism from her immigrant friends.  A Congolese friend particularly persuaded her.  She had thought after his difficult time in substandard housing and…

Tim Keller Princeton

Princeton Seminary Reverses Course, Won’t Award Tim Keller

Prominent New York pastor and author Tim Keller will not be receiving an award from Princeton Theological Seminary after an outcry at the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)-affiliated institution.

Obamacare repeal

Liberal Clergy Rally against Health Care Change

Interfaith clergy representing politically liberal advocacy organizations rally on Capitol Hill decrying changes to Obamacare, declaring Republican-backed proposals not merely an inadequate policy prescription, but immoral and sinful.

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