U.S. Presidents

Most U.S. Presidents Belonged to These Four Protestant Denominations

Nearly every U.S. presidents professed to be Christian, particularly Protestant. Most identified as Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, or Methodists.

religion partisanship

Less Religion and More Partisanship: Not Good for America

A recent Pew report demonstrates that the America Obama leaves behind in 2017 is much different than the America that embraced him in 2009. One of the more significant changes is how Americans identify with or distance themselves from religion.

Paula White was among clergy to say inaugural prayers on January 20, 2017.

Why We Need Inaugural Prayers

Inaugural prayers have become one of the rites of American civil religion. The venerable tradition of civil religion seems more important now than ever.

Inauguration Prayers

IRD Commends National Cathedral for Hosting Inauguration Prayers

Despite objections from some within the Episcopal Church, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has defended the rectitude of churches praying specifically for the new President.

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