Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, who in a recent podcast stated his opposition to the legalization of medical marijuana.

IRD Knippers Lecture Features Southern Baptist Russell Moore on Religious Liberty

Southern Baptist theologian and ethicist Russell Moore will examine, among other issues, the state of religious liberty in the United States at a lecture and reception hosted by IRD on October 14 at the City Club of Washington.

International Religious Freedom


International Religious Freedom Commission Lives to Fight Another Day

Passage of the US Commission on Int’l Religious Freedom Reauthorization Act demonstrates the power of advocacy in shaping U.S. policy, but more advocacy may have ensured an even better outcome.


Moral Common Sense: Or, Mistakes Are Not Terrorism

A few days ago, an American AC-130 gunship destroyed a hospital building in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing some 22 innocent people. Some have been quick to condemn the U.S. Military for what they’ve declared an act of terror. Such folks are either morally ignorant or willfully slanderous.


Pope Francis & Yankee Democracy

Supposedly when the invading British admiral stood in the rostrum of the old U.S. House of Representatives in 1814, he sarcastically asked his torch bearing marines: “Shall this harbor of Yankee Democracy be burned? All for it say Aye!”

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