C. S. Lewis, Author of Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity Birthed 75 Years Ago

Mere Christianity, the seminal work in Christian literature by C.S. Lewis, can trace its history back to February 7, 1941.


Thank You, Hillary Clinton

Last evening during her debate with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton reiterated her support for capital punishment, explaining: “I do, for very limited, particularly heinous crimes believe [the death penalty] is an appropriate punishment,” citing…

March for Life Signs and People

Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman and Abortion Is Pro-Nobody

Pro-life women are speaking up. Culture is starting to listen.

Faith & Chelsen: A new blog on the Patheos Evangelical Channel. (Photo Credit: Fiona McDonnell)

IRD’s Vicari, McDonnell “Rattle Your Conscience” with new Evangelical Women’s Blog

Vicari and McDonnell aim to tackle issues centered upon the justice and welfare of others and the furtherance of God’s kingdom.

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