Methodist Pilgrimage

Yesterday I fulfilled a longtime dream of pilgrimage to the oldest Methodist church in America, Saint George United Methodist in Philadelphia, dating to 1767. Everybody in early American Methodism was there at some point,…


Not a Parody: #BlackTransLivesMatter

Why truncate and Balkanize a movement, prioritizing who “matters,” just to bring attention to those black lives on the extreme margins of black America while forsaking the overwhelming majority of black lives?

Marines and sailors of Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, assault a notional enemy objective during a mechanized night raid at Combat Town. credit: Wikipedia commons.

Hiroshima & The Dilemma of Force Protection

America has a moral duty to protect her warriors. But a commitment to force protection may well mean exposing them to greater physical threat in order to protect them psychically


A Train Ride To Clarity

It turns out we can recognize heroes when we see them; heroism is, in fact, sometimes unambiguously clear. There really are those who rise up while others cower or are themselves unable to resist; there really are those who say “No!” to the wolves and who back their protest with strength of arms.

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