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East Angolan Bishop Gaspar João Domingos

Angolan Bishop Urges UMC to Stand Firm on Homosexuality

February 8, 2016

East Angolan Bishop Gaspar João Domingos affirms the longstanding, biblical position on homosexuality held by the United Methodist Church.

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UCC President: ‘Religious Right’ Wants ‘Theocratic State’

February 8, 2016

United Church of Christ (UCC) President John C. Dorhauer accused the “Religious Right” of attempting “to turn America into a theocratic state.”

C. S. Lewis, Author of Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity Birthed 75 Years Ago

February 7, 2016

Mere Christianity, the seminal work in Christian literature by C.S. Lewis, can trace its history back to February 7, 1941.


Thank You, Hillary Clinton

February 5, 2016

Last evening during her debate with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton reiterated her support for capital punishment, explaining: “I do, for very limited, particularly heinous crimes believe [the death penalty] is an appropriate punishment”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Failed with Evangelical Iowans

February 4, 2016

Left-wing predictions that conservative Evangelical Christians would go all in for Donald Trump proved wrong in Iowa.

Mainline Protestant Church

Mainline Death or Revival?

February 3, 2016

Mainline Protestantism’s rich traditions that allowed it centuries of evangelistic, culture shaping vitality could teach a lot to post-denominational Christianity.


An Uncompromising Approach to Religious Liberty & Christian Life

February 2, 2016

Uncompromising integrity and intelligence are both needed as Christians move into the future in a world increasingly hostile to religious liberty.

Faith & Chelsen: A new blog on the Patheos Evangelical Channel. (Photo Credit: Fiona McDonnell)

Faith and Chelsen Do Patheos

February 1, 2016

We may not be Thelma and Louise, but we’ll definitely take you on a wild ride. We may even go over a few metaphysical cliffs on our new blog, Faith & Chelsen: Tackling Tough Topics in Church and Culture on the Patheos Evangelical Channel.


10 Quotes from FDR on Religion

January 30, 2016

Here are ten quotes from FDR that demonstrate his high regard for the role of religion, especially Christianity, in American democracy and global freedom.

Trump, Evangelicals & Security

Trump, Evangelicals & Security

January 29, 2016

Many Evangelicals are increasingly stressed about a dangerous world and hostile culture even as many Evangelical elites belittle these concerns by warning against “fear.”

Church Renewal Through Prayer

Unlocking the Power for Church Renewal

January 28, 2016

Here in the West, we must emulate our fellow believers in the developing world and commit to faithful prayer if we’re serious about Church renewal.

Falwell, Trump, Christianity & Nationalism

Falwell, Trump, Christianity & Nationalism

January 27, 2016

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr’s endorsement of Donald Trump has provoked important questions about Evangelicals in retail politics.