Mark Webb

December 18, 2019

Bishop Mark Webb’s Christmas Message

At IRD/UMAction, we have often found much that is problematic and unhelpful from our United Methodist bishops.

But a pleasant breath of fresh air is offered in the recent Christmas message of Bishop Mark Webb of the Upper New York Annual Conference.

He references a 2015 article by Jason Soroski (which can be found on easy-to-miss but theologically key moment of the beloved classic children’s cartoon, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The bishop goes onto talk about how Jesus Christ frees us from our fears, our self-sufficiency, and brokenness, and urges us to reach out to share the Good News about Him with our neighbors.

Bishop Webb’s brief, encouraging message, can be viewed on the official Upper New York Conference Vimeo channel, or below:

Merry Christmas from Bishop Webb 2019 from Upper New York Conference on Vimeo.

7 Responses to Bishop Mark Webb’s Christmas Message

  1. Wayne says:

    Do you hear what I hear?
    Just listen to the background Muzak.
    And look at the carefully staged background stage set.
    And check out the bishop’s carefully chosen holiday duds.
    Nice packaging! Wrapped up just the way Mr. Lomperis wants it!

    • James Bailey says:

      This was given to and for the Upper NY annual conference, not for Mr. Lomperis. If you don’t like the message, say so. Criticizing the packaging says you have no real response.

    • David Gingrich says:

      Wishing you a very blessed Christmas, Wayne. Hoping you spread love and blessings to others.

  2. Psalti says:

    Both Bishop Webb and Soroski are missing one more act of love offered by Linus.

    After the Luke 2 recitation Charlie Brown carries the little tree as though it were a Processional Cross out through the schoolyard gate (beyond the city wall ?)

    When CB attempts to decorate it with a single ball it drops and CB appropriately says “I killed it” (Crucifixion parallel)

    Now comes Linus’s act of love. He gently places his beloved blanket around the base of the dead tree.

    After I became an Orthodox Christian I could not view this without tears and without “hearing” the Good Friday Troparion “The noble Joseph took down Your pure Body from the tree, WRAPPED IT IN FINE LININ and placed It in a new tomb”

    That’s the real meaning if Christmas, Charlie Brown.

  3. Jamie says:

    I am appreciative of the Bishops video. I don’t understand how anyone can read into an agenda driven motive. I just don’t understand how Christians could be ugly in response to this video. I pray for our church. Read the first response and was just in awe of where folks have gone.

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