July 4, 2015

Can Christians Still Celebrate July 4 after Same Sex Marriage?

Conservative Christians are in a funk after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling. Some have wondered if traditional Christians, especially Evangelicals, typically known for their patriotic ardor, will ever think of America the same way again. Should they celebrate this July 4 less vigorously than they have in the past? Should they consider retreating into a separatist mode in which they are merely resident aliens in a strange, lost land? No, and Christians should guard against overreaction. Even at its best, America never fully upheld Christian ideals or ethics. 

Read more in National Review.

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3 Responses to Can Christians Still Celebrate July 4 after Same Sex Marriage?

  1. An interesting an amazing account of the “invisible hand” of the “Almighty Being” that was present early in American history—God’s “Invisible Hand” at The Battle of Long Island

  2. Alan says:

    Treating “Christian ethics” as ahistorical and aspiring always towards recognizable ideals is a mistake. As a most obvious example, take past Christian support for slavery:

    In fact, Christians like everyone else have struggled over the millennia to figure out what it might mean to behave well toward other human beings. Some things that the Bible condones (e.g., slavery or stonings) we have discarded as barbaric. Thank God.

  3. Joe says:

    It depends on what is celebrated. If it is the rebellion that was 1776, then yesterday had more importance than ever for basically anyone that isn’t a white liberal. If it is the regime, then yesterday would have been a day of total disgust not unlike the parades and pageantry in communist regimes. If rebellion, then the most celebratory thing that you could have done would have been practicing free speech to fight the PC censors.

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