January 29, 2014

President Obama’s Block(head) of Cheese

Last night was the State of the Union and like most sensible people, I didn’t watch it. It could be that I have a respect for oratory. Lincoln said, in two hundred and seventy-two words and a couple of minutes, more at Gettysburg than has been said by this President in his combined hours in the House Chambers. Also, the purpose of the speech escapes me. In our overly technological age, I know what the President’s agenda is almost as soon as he sets it. I don’t need a speech full of bureaucratic boilerplate to tell me what I already know. Through the internet, I can summon the voice of Jay Carney to my living room or if I am feeling nostalgic for print, I’ll just check the White House twitter feed.

Speaking of Twitter, today marks the first “Big Block of Cheese Day” sponsored by the White House.  The title is a take on Andrew Jackson’s 1400lb block of cheese, placed in the rotunda of the White House. But, the inspiration for this virtual day comes from the more-recent NBC drama, ‘The West Wing.’ Per their infatuation with B-list celebrities (remember Kal Penn selling Obamacare?), a video announcing the event stars Bradley Whitford and Joshua Molina from the ‘West Wing’ alongside the aforementioned Jay Carney.

This virtual Big Block of Cheese Day is layered with unintentional irony. In the show, this day was reserved by the Chief of Staff to hear the views of the more bizarre sectors of the activist community. Be it environmental activists asking for a bridge to be built for migrating animals, cartographers petitioning for maps which promote equality, or a twitchy space scientist convinced that a UFO is about to crash in the US, all of these fine citizens were heard out by the understandably condescending White House staff. Since our (unfortunately not fictional) White House has claimed the show as precedence, does this mean they see the American people as one giant group of crazies?

Questions for the staff may be submitted via Twitter by attaching #AsktheWH to a tweet. Since they were kind enough to go live early, I got a head start by posting the following questions for their consideration:

Should the President’s staff really be revisiting old ‘West Wing’ jokes as the means to communicate with the people? #AsktheWH

Will the President ever acknowledge that the nation is divided on abortion and does not, as a whole, share his enthusiasm for it? #AsktheWH

Any thoughts about the crisis in Sudan? Does the President even know there is a crisis in Sudan? @TheIRD#AsktheWH

Know the parent that tries to be cool but fails? Thats Kal Penn. As a millennial, will you please treat us as adults? #obamacare#AsktheWH

Ever think of asking Catholic women (such as @TheAnchoress) about their health needs? #AsktheWH

Do you worry that if liberals keep contracepting, pretty soon there won’t be enough of you to hold the majority? #AsktheWH

Re: Dinesh D’Souza, isn’t revenge a little childish? #AsktheWH

Can the NSA read this before I click ‘Tweet’? #AsktheWH

(This tweet has trouble loading, please try again later) #AsktheWH#healthcarewebsite

In the WW, the cheese day was reserved for crazy people. Does the President think all Americans are crazy? #AsktheWH

Is religion really the same as a country club? #AsktheWH

Did you move the Vatican embassy because Pope Francis (@Pontifex) prefers humble living quarters? #AsktheWH

Re: Black crow and pigeon attacking Pope’s doves…new kind of drone being tested? #AsktheWH

Speaking of drones, will the NSA tap the Amazon ones when they take to the skies? #AsktheWH

Back to babies… did you know that the March for Life happened last week? I ask because it wasn’t mentioned on the news. #prolife#AsktheWH

Did you see the BBC coverage of the State of the Union Monday night? Wasn’t so complimentary… #AsktheWH

Isn’t cheese unhealthy? I mean, we conservatives love it, but I am surprised the White House does too. #AsktheWH

Benghazi….. thoughts? #AsktheWH

How is Big Block of Cheese day going? Is it as big a hit as http://healthcare.gov  or is enrollment an issue here too? #AsktheWH

This administration’s insistence on using pop culture references as a replacement for actual communication with the citizens of the United States is at once regrettable and hilarious. I call on conservatives who are tired of being ignored by this President to literally jam the Twitter feed today. Feel free to use any of my tweets or write your own. If the President really wants to hear from the people, who are we to deny him the chance? Sharpen your wits ladies and gentlemen, let’s go talk to the President.

2 Responses to President Obama’s Block(head) of Cheese

  1. Marco Bell says:

    John Goerke, your tone sounds angry.
    Is it something the President said?
    And how can you determine that the majority of the American people don’t want the freedom of choice when it comes to abortion?
    You being without a womb and all, kinda takes it out of your purview, I’d think?!

  2. John Goerke says:

    I once occupied a womb, to think that I could have been chopped up and sucked out before I even had the chance to wet my diaper disgusts me beyond words. As for the tone, I view this “Big Block of Cheese Day” as yet another condescending move by this President to feign an appreciation for democracy.

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