October 13, 2012

Juicy Links, 10/13/12

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  1. dover1952 says:

    As usual, Frank Schaeffer is coherent, accurate, and brilliant in what he has to say. When Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism fall completely in about 50 tears or less, Frank will be remembered as one of the great and true Christian lights that made it happen.

  2. dover1952 says:

    Sorry about that typo.. I meant “50 years.” However, when it does happen, my suspicion is that about 50 tears will be shed, which seems like justice to me because these religious traditions no longer shed any tears for the “least of these.”

  3. dover1952 says:

    One more thing. The article by Miles Mullin is very good, and I agree with his main conclusion.

    Once upon a time, I actually sat in a Sunday school class at Central Baptist Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (an SBC church) where the teacher openly made the point that God had made Israel desolate, had taken away her role in God’s plans, and that God had crowned the United States as the NEW ISRAEL to take his work forward in the world.

    In that same church, I learned that the Roman Catholic Church is an “evil worldwide religious system.” That message was driven home in a sermon one morning that was led by our preacher, who had been one of W.A. Criswell’s little darling understudies at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.

    I was so glad to escape from that place.

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