August 24, 2012

Robert P. George on “Sex and God at Yale”


Emeritus board member Robert P. George recently weighed in on a new book. Here are his thoughts from the First Things blog:

Nathan Harden’s new book “Sex and God at Yale” will be of interest to anyone who is concerned about the moral state of campus culture at colleges and universities in the US.  Here’s my dust jacket endorsement:

The ideology of sexual liberation that is the lasting legacy of ‘Me generation’ liberalism and its imbecilic doctrine of ‘if it feels good do it,’ has hardened into an orthodoxy on college campuses around the country. Not only is it uncritically embraced by many students, it is supported by a great many faculty members and abetted and even promoted in a variety of ways by academic administrators. In the spirit of the late William F. Buckley, Nathan Harden takes a hard, critical look at the prevalent sexual liberationist dogmas at Yale, exploring their damaging effects on the educational enterprise and their often tragic consequences in the lives of students.

Read more at First Thoughts.

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