The Death of Empathy

by (@TheIRD) April 25, 2013

By James Tonkowich In an article on the Steubenville, Ohio, rape trial, Keith Ablow argued that we have raised a generation with little to no empathy. In it he correctly identifies one of the causes: Having watched tens of thousands of YouTube videos with bizarre scenarios unfolding, having Tweeted thousands of senseless missives of no real […]

The Millennial Generation’s Acceptable Sin

by (@TheIRD) January 8, 2013

By Bart Gingerich (@bjgingerich) The following article originally appeared on The Gospel Coalition website. Every human institution and society has its own list of sins and virtues that contradict the law of God. With the rise of the Millennial generation in evangelical churches, a vice is creeping up into the realms of acceptance, indifference, or at […]

When the Pastor Says It’s ‘A Time to Sow’

by (@TheIRD) March 23, 2009

Fred Barnes March 23, 2009 The following article originally appeared on the Wall Street Journal website, and is reproduced with permission. In 2007, my wife Barbara and I left The Falls Church, which we had happily attended from the time we became Christians a quarter-century ago. It’s a 277-year-old church in northern Virginia well-known for its popular […]