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What is the Foundation for United Methodist Political Lobbying?

October 26, 2014

Last month, the UMC’s political lobby office displayed some striking biblical and theological sloppiness, pointing to deeper problems than any particular social issue.


The Local Church: Equipping the Saints

July 11, 2014

Editor’s Note: This interview is the fifth installment of Evangelical Action’s series “How Does Your Church Grow?” and is your opportunity to meet the pastors of the local church plants, hear their stories, and…


The Festival Where ‘Christianity’ Is Just Earth Worship

July 11, 2014

One could be forgiven for thinking he had accidentally wandered off the Christian festival and stepped into some sort of Wiccan stone ceremony…


The Latest Threat to Evangelical Support for Israel

July 10, 2014

Conservative Christians have generally been known for their enthusiastic support for the Jewish state. But a new movement of young activists is seeking to change that.

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Theologizers and the Anti-Seminary

May 21, 2014

[S]eekers look to the ecclesiastically untethered and academically undisciplined for spiritual guidance and insight. Welcome to the Anti-Seminary.


An Interview with Brad Littlejohn: Whither the Restless and Reformed?

May 1, 2014

What the designation seems to boil down to is “evangelicals who dig TULIP.” Of course, that doesn’t do much to explain the broad appeal of it; this, I would have to say, might be substantially explained as a masculine reaction against the feminization of American evangelicalism, a way of really kicking the whole counter-culturalism up a notch.

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An Interview with Brad Littlejohn: Roads to Rome

April 30, 2014

I think for many of us, at least those who grew up in more confessionally-aware backgrounds, we started out with an inquisitorial bogeyman of arch-Tridentine Catholicism, the foil for all our good Protestant doctrines, and then went through the disorienting experience of encountering modern post-Vatican II Catholic theology.

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An Interview with Brad Littlejohn: Reformed Irenicism?

April 29, 2014

The “Reformed irenicism” that we’re all about insists that “irenics” (that is, all getting along peaceably) without history is only skin-deep, a shallow foundation to build a church or a witness to the world.

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An Interview with Brad Littlejohn: The Davenant Trust

April 28, 2014

While we applaud and enthusiastically support the modern renewal of Patristic studies (prompted in part by the nouvelle theologie), and the new enthusiasm for the Fathers among many Protestants, we worry that in the midst of this rush to the past, we are at risk of trampling over several of the intervening centuries, imagining that we are already well-familiar with them, when we are anything but.


David Cameron’s Christian Britain

April 25, 2014

“Some people feel that in this ever more secular age we shouldn’t talk about these things,” Cameron wrote. “I completely disagree. I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country…”

Sanjiang Church in Zhejiang province

Chinese Christians Rattle Government

April 18, 2014

For some Chinese Communist Party officials, seeing crosses atop churches from a highway are an intolerable symbol of who owns the future. Christianity is transforming the country…


Slap an Arian Day, or the Feast of St. Nicholas of Myra

December 6, 2013

Today we commemorate St. Nicholas of Myra, whose resume boasts enough miracles for him to be called the “Wonderworker” in some parts of Christendom. Even before he became the Coca-Cola chugging world-traveler and reindeer…