A ‘Thank You’ to My Mom on Mother’s Day

by (@TheIRD) May 11, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) We commonly hear complaints about the commercialization of Mother’s Day, with cynical accusations (which perhaps bear some truth) that the day has been co-opted by Hallmark to make a buck off American family relationships. But I think it is fitting to set aside a specific day to appreciate the women who cared […]

Jim Wallis: Government Should Make Life Fair

by (@TheIRD) April 9, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@kristin_rudolph) “Government is concerned about fairness,” according to Jim Wallis, president of the liberal Christian organization Sojourners. Discussing his new book, On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned About Serving the Common Good at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC on April 3, Wallis explained how faith informs his view […]

Engaging Young Evangelicals: Have We Lost the Culture Wars? (Video)

by (@TheIRD) April 5, 2013

Young Evangelicals are inundated with calls to jettison biblical teaching and cave to culture on a daily basis. Despite the enticements of affirmation, many young Christians are standing tall in the face of spiritual and cultural decline. On Monday, April 1, IRD hosted a panel entitled “Engaging Young Evangelicals: Have We Lost the Culture Wars?” at Mt. […]

A Snapshot of My Generation

by (@TheIRD) April 4, 2013

On Monday, April 1st, IRD hosted a panel discussion on “Engaging Young Evangelicals: Have We Lost the Culture Wars?” I had the opportunity to share some comments alongside our distinguished panelists, Andrew Walker of the Heritage Foundation, Eric Teetsel of the Manhattan Declaration, and Jessica Prol of Family Research Council. Below is a transcript of […]

Evangelical Colleges Inching Toward Affirmation of Homosexuality

by (@TheIRD) April 3, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) A recent article on the CNN Belief Blog highlighted the trend of Evangelical colleges inching toward culturally acceptable views of homosexuality. The article highlighted Wheaton College, which in February established an official group for “students to explore questions of gender identity and sexual orientation.” Although Wheaton College receives the most attention because of […]

Finding Good News in Cultural Christianity’s Decline

by (@TheIRD) March 28, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) You have probably heard something about the collapse of American Christianity, the mass exodus of young people from the Church, and other dramatic doomsday reports about the state of Christianity in America. “The rise of the ‘Nones’” has been one of the most commonly discussed topics in Christian circles over the past […]

Just Three Questions: Bishop Robert Hoshibata of the Desert-Southwest Conference

by (@JohnLomperis) February 7, 2013

United Methodist Bishop Robert Hoshibata (Photo credit: United Methodist News Service) At the January meeting of the Connectional Table of the United Methodist Church, Bishop Robert Hoshibata sat down with me to answer some questions.  Bishop Hoshibata was elected to the United Methodist episcopacy by the Western Jurisdiction in 2004 and last fall became the […]

Divorce and the “Nones”

by (@TheIRD) January 21, 2013

By Kristin Rudolph The “nones,” those generally between ages 18 and 30 who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” have been a frequent topic of discussion and speculation recently. From questioning what has caused a drop in religious affiliation, to examining if the trend is growing, the “nones” have been poked, prodded, and dissected […]

Religion Predictions for 2013

by (@TheIRD) January 7, 2013

By Mark Tooley (@MarkDTooley) America remains overwhelmingly religious in a world that is largely growing more religious, with fast growing Christianity increasingly competing for souls with Islam globally, especially in Africa but also Asia. Religion will be a top news maker in 2013 no less than in 2012. Here are some projections of likely stories […]

Top Church News Predictions for 2013

by (@TheIRD) January 4, 2013

Contact: Jeff Walton (@JeffreyHWalton) 202-682-4131, 202-413-5639 cell Washington, DC—Political shifts, continued economic hardship and changing religious trends could make 2013 a big year for church news. Below are IRD’s predictions for what religious news stories have the most potential to make headlines in the coming year. New Archbishop of Canterbury: After succeeding Rowan Williams in March as head of the […]