Linda Smith on Sex Trafficking and the Normalization of Aberrant Sexuality

by (@TheIRD) January 28, 2013

By Aaron Gaglia (@GagliaAC) On January 9th, Family Research Council held an event entitled Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery in order to educate the public about sex trafficking in the U.S.  This event featured two speakers with a Q & A afterwards. The Honorable Linda Smith, founder and President of Shared Hope International and Mark Blackwell, founder […]

Shared Hope International Releases States’ Sex Trafficking Report Card

by (@TheIRD) January 3, 2013

By Mikhail Bell (@Bellsworld) As fall wound down, Shared Hope International, a faith-based anti-trafficking organization, released its annual Protected Innocence Challenge Report in Washington DC. The study, which assigns A thru F letter grades to all 50 states’ efforts to combat human trafficking, has quickly established itself as one of two dominant aids for non-federal […]