Interfaithers against ‘Islamophobia’

by (@TheIRD) January 30, 2013

By Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group with Muslim Brotherhood origins, is again using its interfaith allies to accuse its opponents of being part of an anti-Muslim conspiracy. On January 15, the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington D.C. hosted an event about the “Islamophobia Network” that was sponsored […]

Mysterious Explosion Reportedly Rocks Iranian Nuke Site

by (@TheIRD) January 29, 2013

By Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) The biggest blow in the covert campaign against Iran’s nuclear program may have just been delivered. It is reported that a mysterious explosion was set off inside the underground enrichment site at Fordo on Monday. The Iranian regime predictably denies the report. Anonymous Israeli officials have confirmed that an explosion took […]

New Islamist Mosque Opens in Virginia

by (@TheIRD) January 28, 2013

By Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) Last month, a new mosque called the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Islamic Center opened in Alexandria, Virginia. ICNA, an Islamist group with origins in the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan, framed its inauguration as an interfaith victory, giving thanks to the three churches that let them worship on their premises as […]

All Saints Pasadena Rector Condemns “Evangelical Zionism,” Israel

by (@TheIRD) January 3, 2013

By Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) On December 15, All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena hosted the annual convention of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a group with Muslim Brotherhood origins and a controversial past. The question of why All Saints would collaborate with this specific group persisted. The answer came during the event when Reverend Ed […]

Syrian-Christian Activist Decries “Hijacking” of Revolution

by (@TheIRD) December 19, 2012

By Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has privately pledged to “fight to his last bullet” in his ancestral hometown of Qardaha, vowing “if I go, none of Syria remains.” The daily pools of blood spilled by his madmen cause hearts to be warmed by signs of Assad’s impending fall, but one Syrian Christian […]