Religious Freedom Defenders in Ottawa

by (@Cuchulain09) April 3, 2014

Last week I traveled to Ottawa for a consultation of religious liberty organizations working in partnership. Being with others who have a passion for the persecuted was very encouraging. So were messages from Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom and from a member of the Canadian Parliament.

Hobby Lobby and the Ideology of Discrimination

by (@bjgingerich) April 3, 2014

“We are now entering a realm where the government is seen as the insurer of autonomy and must grow in power to achieve that end.”

Religious Broadcasters’ Panel Highlights Domestic Religious Liberty Threats

by (@TheIRD) March 12, 2014

A major topic of discussion among public policy experts at the recent National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville was how religious liberty relates to culture in the nation.

Merritt on Preference Again

by (@TheIRD) March 6, 2014

Well, we now have some indication how columnist Jonathan Merritt will defend his preferential option for Caesar.

Merritt asks us to imagine the following scenario:

“I’d like to purchase a wedding cake,” the glowing young woman says as she clutches the arm of her soon-to-be husband. “We’re getting married at the Baptist church downtown this coming spring.”

Weddings Cakes, Evangelicals, and Philistinism

by (@bjgingerich) February 26, 2014

Jethani, of course, entitled his piece “An Evangelical Case for Gay Wedding Cakes.” No doubt his word processor inquired, “You typed ‘evangelical.’ Did you mean to write ‘Mainline Protestant liberal’ instead?”

Christians Fight for Middle East Religious Freedom Watchdog

by (@RyanMauro) February 22, 2014

Global persecution of Christians, especially in the Muslim world, is one of the most overlooked human rights disasters of the 21st century. Christian activists are demanding that the State Department add a new envoy for religious minorities in the Middle East, but their campaign is stymied by those concerned about government redundancy.

Going Global: House Hearing Documents Worldwide Persecution of Christians

by (@AEHarrod) February 18, 2014

Persecution of Christians is the “premier human rights issue of the early 21st century, as well as the most untold story about global Christianity in our time,” Boston Globe reporter John Allen stated in prepared remarks on February 11, 2014. Addressing a House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing, Allen and other panelists ominously delineated Christianity’s threatened state around the world.

Hobby Lobby Files Supreme Court Brief

by (@HashtagGriswold) February 12, 2014

Hobby Lobby has filed a brief with the Supreme Court formally requesting relief from the Obamacare contraception mandate, arguing that the mandate violates its owners’ religious freedom in violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Idaho Lawmaker Introduces Religious Freedom Legislation

by (@TheIRD) February 7, 2014

An Idaho state lawmaker says he’s concerned about cases in other states where people have refused to do business with others on religious grounds.

Rep. Lynn Luker (R-Boise) is quoted by the Spokesman-Review as saying he’s concerned about cases in other states, including a New Mexico wedding photographer who refused to photograph a same-sex marriage and faced penalties.

Luker argues that a “pre-emptive” move is necessary in Idaho. He has introduced a measure in the Idaho House of Representatives that he says will protect licensed professionals from being “legally harassed” for acting upon their religious beliefs.

IRD Commends President’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks on International Religious Freedom

by (@JeffreyHWalton) February 6, 2014

“Religious liberty advocates are particularly appreciative that the President mentioned the egregious blasphemy and defamation laws such as those of Pakistan,” says IRD Religious Liberty Director Faith McDonnell.