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PCUSA membership chart 2014

Presbyterians Collapsing, or “Settling Into The New Thing God is Creating”?

May 13, 2015

A slimmed-down Presbyterian Church (USA) is apparently getting ready for beach season after shedding unwanted excess members, according to a cheery report by the denomination’s top official.


Same-Sex Marriage and Missing Churches

March 20, 2015

In a report on same-sex marriage and churches, Religion News Service lists a tiny Baptist denomination that supports it, and omits dozens of larger churches that do not.


Presbyterians Back Anti-Israel Divestment

June 20, 2014

Presbyterian commissioners have voted to divest the 1.76 million-member denomination from three companies that do business with Israel.


Presbyterians Redefine Marriage

June 19, 2014

Presbyterians have voted to allow their pastors to preside over marriages between people of the same sex in states where it is legal.


Protestants and Anti-Israel Divestment

June 19, 2014

Anti-Israel divestment activists are unrelenting in their campaign. Their claim about United Methodist support, which is nebulous, may not have the intended effect on Presbyterians.


Marriage, Anti-Israel Divestment Fights Ahead for Presbyterians Gathering in Detroit

June 12, 2014

Amid spiraling membership, proposals to redefine marriage and end denominational investments with companies that do business with Israel will be before commissioners this week at the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly.


The Presbyterians Reconsider Anti-Israel Divestment

February 26, 2014

A new Presbyterian study resource is being condemned by Jewish groups for its harsh anti-Israel rhetoric. But the controversy over the booklet could actually help defeat anti-Israel divestment, which the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly will consider once again in June, after defeating it in 2012 by only two votes.

(photo: Times of Israel)

Presbyterians Send Anti-Israel Valentine to Congregations in “Zionism Unsettled”

February 14, 2014

A new study guide for congregations released by the Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) that describes Zionism as inherently discriminatory toward non-Jews is stirring up fears in America’s largest Presbyterian denomination.


Church Realignment and the Search for ‘Greener Grass’

December 12, 2013

Oldline Protestant denominations are hemorrhaging members ever more rapidly as they move away from traditional Christian teachings. So the prescription for an evangelical congregation desiring membership growth would be to ditch its oldline affiliation and join a more conservative denomination. Right? Not so fast, says Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) official Tom Cole.

Is Non-Violent Resistance a Viable Christian Option?

November 18, 2013

What happens when a duly elected legislature enacts a series of laws that many of its constituents believe are unfair and/or unjust? How ought Christians to respond?

Does the church, as the church, have anything to say in such an instance? These questions are quite real in the state of North Carolina where a movement of clergy has regularly protested actions of the state legislature and in so doing resist the lawful and duly elected General Assembly.


Dallas’ Highland Park Presbyterian Church Obtains Court Protection for Church Property

September 12, 2013

Various courts have recently handed down legal victories for local congregations who wish to maintain control of their property despite differences with their denomination. Two decisions in Texas and a third in Illinois have…


Syrian War & Churches

September 3, 2013

Several Mainline/old line Protestant agencies have joined with left wing and pacifist groups to sign a politically irrelevant plea to President Obama denouncing “military strikes” on Syria and urging “diplomatic efforts to stop the…