Slap an Arian Day, or the Feast of St. Nicholas of Myra

by (@bjgingerich) December 6, 2013

Today we commemorate St. Nicholas of Myra, whose resume boasts enough miracles for him to be called the “Wonderworker” in some parts of Christendom. Even before he became the Coca-Cola chugging world-traveler and reindeer master, he was known for his compassion for children and his sacrificial generosity. According to one story, he saved three daughters […]

Jesus Seminar Takes on Constantine

by (@JeffreyHWalton) March 21, 2012

Note: This is the first of two articles on the Jesus Seminar’s “Social World of Early Christianity” Was Constantine a god of war or warrior for God, the seminar asked. (Photo credit: Christianity was a pacifist, “anti-Imperial” religion that emphasized practice rather than belief until it was commandeered by Roman emperor Constantine, according to a […]