Catholics, Methodists & Deportations

by (@markdtooley) April 11, 2014

The religious enthusiasts for liberalized immigration and mass legalization rarely if ever acknowledge their proposals’ potential if not likely consequence of encouraging further illegal immigration.

IRD Podcast: Mark Tooley Interview

by (@TheIRD) March 21, 2014

IRD President Mark Tooley discusses the arrest in January of several United Methodist bishops protesting U.S. government immigration policy in our debut podcast.

Pancakes, Shrove Tuesday and Methodist Riots

by (@markdtooley) March 5, 2014

Last night I was shocked by the long line at I-HOP until being instructed that it was National Pancake Day, evidently a new holiday. It is of course a secularized version of Shrove Tuesday, which was last evening, and I ideally would have been in a Methodist church fellowship hall eating pancakes, a tradition before […]

Five Times John Wesley Braved the Snow

by (@BrianKenMiller) March 3, 2014

As Washington, D.C. is mercifully rendered temporarily inoperable, and as the Anglican communion celebrates the feast day of John and Charles Wesley, here are five entries form John Wesley’s Journal to remind us what snow days were like for the devoted cleric.

Board of Church and Society Holds Young Clergy Forum

by (@TheIRD) March 3, 2014

More than fifty young United Methodist clergy traveled to Capitol Hill at the end of January to take part in the 13th annual Young Clergy Leadership Forum hosted by the General Board of Church and Society (GBCS). The stated purpose of the Forum is “to put a human face on the Board of Church and Society.” Provisional and Full Elders and Deacons were represented among the participants, and this was the first Forum in which two clergy from Africa were able to participate. The young clergy had the opportunity to meet GBCS staff and hear about the day-to-day advocacy, resourcing, and communication work in which they are engaged. Most of the material presented at the sessions was strong, though a couple of elements left much to be desired.

Dressing Down For Church

by (@markdtooley) December 10, 2013

This blog is NOT about the plagiarism charges against Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll, pictured above, whose impressive effectiveness as teacher and evangelist for orthodox Christianity especially among young people in a very secular region deserves admiration and replication. His Mars Hill Church’s recent acquisition of a majestic former Methodist sanctuary in Seattle, a congregation that […]

JFK’s Faith & Death

by (@markdtooley) November 22, 2013

The fiftieth anniversary of John Kennedy’s assassination has predictably sparked lots of remembrance but little particularly about his religious faith. He was of course the first and only U.S. Catholic president. Thirty four years before JFK’s election Democrat Al Smith had lost the presidency perhaps in part because of his Catholicism. In 1959, JFK as […]

RMN’s Churchquake Part 2: What I Did See

by (@HashtagGriswold) September 16, 2013

In my previous post, I highlighted some of the things I didn’t see at Reconciling Ministries Network’s (RMN) convocation Churchquake. In this post, I will highlight some of what I did witness Were I to summarize everything I saw or heard at Churchquake that would shock, bemuse, or anger the typical United Methodist, it would take me at […]

Syria War, Churches, Methodists, Franco, Spanish Civil War & Providence

by (@markdtooley) September 9, 2013

In contrast with the United Methodist Board of Church and Society’s usual pacifist platitudes, two United Methodist bishops have made relatively thoughtful, careful statements on the Syria War. Bishop Grant Hagiya of the Greater Northwest Conference urged joining Pope Francis’s call for fasting and prayer. And Hagiya avoided making a specific political recommendation. Instead, he […]

Touring Mosby’s Confederacy & Dark Human Nature

by (@markdtooley) June 11, 2013

On Sunday after church I had the pleasure of touring “Mosby’s Confederacy” in bucolic northern Virginia outside suburbia, visiting some of Confederate partisan Colonel John Mosby’s safe houses. The rolling hills and quaint villages are now better known for wineries, country taverns, and posh estates. What irony that what’s now so charming and chic was […]