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Bishop Ken Carter, episcopal leader of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, performs communion. (Photo courtesy of the Florida Conference)

UM Bishop Ken Carter: Local Option “A Step Forward”

August 23, 2014

In an interview with Ministry Matters, Bishop Ken Carter said that he believes “the conversation about the local option is a step forward.”


50 Shades of Grey, and the Worship of Sex

August 7, 2014

It is commonly supposed that ours is a culture that worships sex. “50 Shades of Grey” was a publishing phenomenon and the movie trailer a smash hit on YouTube. Sadly, it is not that our culture worships sex too much, but rather we do not worship it enough.

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Practicing What the Church Teaches

July 22, 2014

The great danger for believers convinced of the clear statements of Christ and the apostles on marriage, the family, and sexuality is that the Synod will recommend that formal sanction be given to the practical acceptance of people not conforming to Christ’s teaching, without any change in their lives.


Choppy Waters Ahead: A Discussion with a UMC Bishop

July 16, 2014

Increasing pressure to address the issues of same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBT persons have set a rather precarious stage…


How to Fight Evangelicals with Narrative, Part 2

July 10, 2014

Of course, the term “liberal Protestant” in the Millennial mind means the Mainlines, which conjure up the smell of must, organ bellows, cheap coffee, and watered-down Tang. That’s not hip or energetic enough.

Philadelphia-area clergy gather to participate in a same-sex union blessing ceremony at Arch Street United Methodist Church (photo: UMNS).

BREAKING: Complaint Filed Against Philadelphia 36

July 3, 2014

Formal complaints have now been filed against the 36 renegade United Methodist ministers who jointly presided over a publicity-stunt same-sex union ceremony last fall are now facing formal complaints.

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Matthew Vines Struggles to Defend “Gay Christian” Stance During Live Debate

July 3, 2014

In April, 24-year old Matthew Vines rattled the Church with his first book titled God and the Gay Christian, in which he reinterprets 2,000 years of traditional Christian teaching to justify same-sex behavior within Christendom….

Popes, Poverty, and Proselytization: A Problem for the New Evangelization?

June 27, 2014

The pope has called for a “marriage” between the Catholic Church’s poverty alleviation movements and the new evangelization movement. Sounds great, but what does this look like?

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The Depth of the Biblical Doctrine of Marriage and Morality

June 26, 2014

The case rests not on a few scattered verses in the Bible, as is often claimed, nor is it foreign to the teaching of Jesus, but is integral to Jesus’ teaching and the doctrine of the Kingdom of God. To live showing love for God and godliness fit for the Kingdom of God is to live in accordance with the understanding of marriage and morality that recognizes Jesus’ kingship, to reject this teaching is to be unfit for the Kingdom.

Mr. (formerly Rev.) Frank Schaefer (Photo credit: UMNS)

United Methodist Pastor Reinstated in Same-Sex Marriage Case

June 24, 2014

A regional appeals committee of the United Methodist Church has reinstated the clergy credentials of a former pastor who was recently defrocked for performing a same-sex union ceremony.


The Coming Methodist Split?

June 22, 2014

Debates over same sex marriage are threatening to fracture the denomination.


Stepping Up and Marching for Marriage

June 19, 2014

In order to strengthen the cause of marriage and family, the annual March for Marriage will be held on the Mall in Washington, DC this Thursday.