In Bethlehem, the Wrong Kind of Christian Festival

by (@lukemoon1) April 9, 2014

Unfortunately, it is clear from the Christ at the Checkpoint conference that pro-Palestinian Christians have serious political and institutional momentum.

A Quran, a Bible, and a Machete

by (@lukemoon1) August 1, 2013

Djallo looked at the two books placed on the table before him.  The Quran he had been taught since he was a boy.  The Bible he had just begun to know.  The Bible had been given to him by a missionary in Guinea.  He had taken it so that he could highlight all the mistakes […]

Field Notes – Day 3: Defending the Catholic Church

by (@lukemoon1) July 31, 2013

For the last five years I have been teaching a seminar series called Biblical Foundations for Government.  One of the main topics I cover is the relationship between the Church and the State.  There are four basic views that I cover, but the most extensive view happens to be the Catholic Social Teaching (CST). The […]

Field Notes – Day Two: Don’t Worry

by (@lukemoon1) July 30, 2013

The Muslim world is three weeks into Ramadan.  For Mali, this means 90% of the people, with the exception of the infirmed, do not eat any food or drink any water from 5 in the morning until 7 at night.  The lively and vibrant markets are a fraction of their normal size.  Those that do […]

#Facepalm Friday: Dear Theo, My Partner Wants an Open Relationship

by (@lukemoon1) July 26, 2013

The United Church of Christ has an advice column on its official website.  This week a reader is caught between embracing polyamory and stifling his partners lust with old fashioned monogamy.  It is hard to pick the best bit of wisdom offered by Theo.  Perhaps it is, “Whenever I don’t know what to do, I […]

Superman and the NAE are on a Quest for Peace

by (@lukemoon1) June 21, 2013

By Luke Moon (@lukemoon1) It is unclear whether President Obama’s speech outlining his plan to rid the earth of nuclear weapons was timed for the release of the newest Superman movie. Perhaps on the flight to Europe they had a Superman marathon on Air Force One. The speech immediately brought to mind the most forgettable […]

Clear Principles for Messy Politics

by (@lukemoon1) June 18, 2013

By Luke Moon (@lukemoon1) Years ago my vision was pretty simple: Train and equip young Christians in developing nations to effectively serve in public office or civil society.  As a missionary for 10 years I had trained and equipped hundreds if not thousands of young Christians for all kinds of righteous activities.  Whether it was […]

#Facepalm Friday – Priest of the Goth Eucharist Insults Archbishop Welby

by (@lukemoon1) June 7, 2013

Photo: Abel, by Henry Vidal in Tuileries Garden, Paris, France  Credit: By Luke Moon (@lukemoon1) A low ranking Church of England vicar got rather nasty after the recent vote for gay marriage in the UK.  Rev Marcus Ramshaw thoughtlessly used Facebook to rant against the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Rev. Ramshaw publicly declared the Archbishop “a […]

#Facepalm Friday

by (@lukemoon1) May 31, 2013

Photo credit: Paris Tuileries Garden Facepalm Statue: By Luke Moon @lukemoon1 Here at the IRD, we spend our days researching and covering events from a rather generic group we call the Religious Left.  It might come as a shock to some who read this blog on a daily basis, but there are actually bits […]

Church of Scotland: Israel has a Right to Exist, Just not in Israel

by (@lukemoon1) May 13, 2013

By Luke Moon (@LukeMoon1) The Church of Scotland came under attack on Wednesday for its release of an official report titled, Inheritance of Abraham? A Report on the ‘promised land’. The ten page report lays out the Church of Scotland’s position concerning Israel’s right to the biblical Land of Israel. Unsurprisingly, the conclusion reached by […]