Shared Hope International Releases States’ Sex Trafficking Report Card

by (@TheIRD) January 3, 2013

By Mikhail Bell (@Bellsworld) As fall wound down, Shared Hope International, a faith-based anti-trafficking organization, released its annual Protected Innocence Challenge Report in Washington DC. The study, which assigns A thru F letter grades to all 50 states’ efforts to combat human trafficking, has quickly established itself as one of two dominant aids for non-federal […]

Why You Should Care about Human Trafficking

by (@TheIRD) December 5, 2011

Human trafficking is bad. Really bad. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. We know this yet but manage to underestimate its reach. In spite of our visceral reaction to stories of enslavement, seldom do we think about how slave labor intersects with the fruit we buy, neglected children living next door, or smut we secretly consume. Why Is This a Problem? Human […]