Putin’s Crusade Against Pro-Western Christianity

by (@RyanMauro) April 16, 2014

Putin’s Christian Marxism was originally promoted by the KGB. As a former KGB officer himself, this version of the faith would appeal to Putin as a way of reconciling Russian nationalism, service to the state and personal religious beliefs.

Pastor in Kazakhstan Released From Prison. Concerns Remain About Religious Persecution.

by (@TheIRD) February 25, 2014

According to Forum 18, the pastor was accused of harming the parishioner by “putting hallucinogens in the communion juice.”

Lyazzat Almenova, the only person whose health the state claims was harmed, has told Forum 18 in July of last year that the pastor is “totally innocent and has not harmed my health at all.”

The pastor was accused of “intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm by putting hallucinogens in the communion juice.”

The Pastor has also been ordered to pay the church member the equivalent of 10,800 US dollars.

Kudos to Kazakhstan. . . This Time!

by (@Cuchulain09) December 5, 2012

Restrictions on religious freedom are being drawn more tightly than ever before both around the world and, some would say, here in the United States. Defamation of religion is an accusation that is used to squelch not only the freedom to worship and practice one’s faith freely, but to stop truth from being expressed. But that […]