Sudan & Obama’s Legacy of Death

by (@Cuchulain09) August 15, 2013

Mohamed Suleiman, an America citizen since 1992, is a Zaghawa from the village of Um barrow in the North Darfur region of Sudan. Um barrow, like so many other places in Darfur, was burned down and destroyed by the Sudanese government-backed Janjaweed, an Arab-Islamist militia. A refugee camp near Um barrow became the home to […]

Act for Sudan: Join the Obama’s Stained Legacy Campaign

by (@Cuchulain09) August 3, 2013

Act for Sudan’s Obama’s Stained Legacy Logo (Photo credit: Act for Sudan) IRD’s Church Alliance for a New Sudan is proud to be a member of Act for Sudan, a coalition of individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum working to stop genocide and mass atrocities against Sudan’s marginalized and persecuted populations by their […]

Exposing the Muslim Brotherhood in America

by (@Cuchulain09) July 31, 2013

Erick Stakelbeck, author of The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy on Fox News (Photo credit: Erick Stakelbeck, host of the insomnia-inducing weekly Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) program, “Stakelbeck on Terror,” discussed his new book The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy in a whirlwind Capitol Hill lunch briefing sponsored by the Endowment for Middle East […]

Bishop Mouneer Anis on the Crisis Facing Egyptian Christians

by (@JeffreyHWalton) June 24, 2013

By Jeff Walton (@JeffreyHWalton) UPDATE: Bishop Anis has released a letter about upcoming June 30 demonstrations in Egypt that can be viewed by clicking here. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is this week embarking on his first visit abroad since his enthronement earlier this year. Lambeth Palace says the Anglican official chose the Holy Land […]

Texas Mega-Church Welcomes Islamists to ‘Global Faith Forum’

- (Photo credit: by Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) The 3,000-member NorthWood Church of Keller, T.X. is holding a “Global Faith Forum” in November. In yet another Islamist-attended interfaith event, Christians will hear from a former Saudi intelligence chief, a former director-general of Al-Jazeera, officials from U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities and the non-Muslims who embrace them. Pastor Bob […]

Inspired by a Russian Christian Dissident

by (@Cuchulain09) May 22, 2013

By Faith J. H. McDonnell (@Cuchulain09) This week Front Page Magazine published my story about Russian Christian dissident Alexander Ogorodnikov. The news about a new biography of this courageous man, Dissident for Life: Alexander Ogorodnikov and the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Russia, by Koenraad De Wolf was what spurred me to reflecting on my […]

Obama Administration to Welcome Genocidal Sudanese Leaders for Talks

by (@Cuchulain09) May 1, 2013

By Faith J. H. McDonnell (@Cuchulain09) In a makeshift shelter of plastic tarps in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, an American linguist, Deborah Martin, interviewed dozens of Darfurian refugees. The year was 2006, and some two thousand Darfurians had fled the Islamist Sudanese regime’s genocidal war against them and walked over 900 miles to the […]

Media Miss Islamists at the National Prayer Breakfast

by (@nathanieltorrey) March 5, 2013

(Photo credit: Religions for Peace) by Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) Dr. Benjamin Carson captivated the media’s attention with his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, but another attendee deserved some of the spotlight: Sayyid Syeed, the interfaith liaison for the Islamic Society of North America, who was recorded in 2006 saying, “[O]ur job is to change […]

CAIR: War on Terror is Made Up

by (@TheIRD) February 21, 2013

By Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) On February 11, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a newsletter with the subject line, “Creating America’s War on Terror.” The message is that the U.S. government is victimizing Muslim-Americans under the guise of a made-up war on terrorism. The Islamist terror threat is the creation of a money-seeking […]

Mauro: The Formidable Islamist Minority in America

by (@TheIRD) January 9, 2013

National Executive of CAIR holds a translated copy of Koran (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) This IRD article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine and was republished with permission. A summary of polls about the ideological makeup of the Muslim-American community shows that the majority is moderate, but there is a formidable minority […]