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Was America A Christian Nation?

April 13, 2015

Historian Dr. Kevin Kruse of Princeton University spoke recently at Union Theological Seminary in New York City on the subject of America as a Christian nation. Dr. Kruse, author of One Nation Under God:…

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Easter Hope for Christianity’s Future

April 8, 2015

Is Obama more Christian than David Cameron? Their respective Easter pronouncements might indicate so. The President gave “thanks for the extraordinary sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation” and professed to “rejoice in the…

Mosaic, "Christ in Majesty," Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC

Liberal Religion and Easter Victory

April 8, 2015

John D. Rockefeller Jr., heir to the world’s largest fortune, was a pious, earnest man, a teetotaling Baptist who believed in modernity. He thought Christianity, to remain relevant, would have to be modernized. His…

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How Many Millennials are Evangelical in Name Only?

March 25, 2015

Too many influential Evangelicals are willing to compromise anything that current culture dictates. This is cause for concern since the future of the family, missions, cultural health and success will be shaped by the…

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The NeverEnding Conversation

March 18, 2015

Discussion at last evening’s Moving Faith Communities to Fruitful Conversations about Race panel at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. wavered between practical solutions to certain effects of racism to vague calls for guilt, discomfort, and…


Churches and Libraries: Foundation for the Future

March 17, 2015

Notre Dame University professor Dr. Patrick Deneen recently spoke at the Catholic Information Center on the subject of the architecture of university libraries. His lecture was entitled “From Sacred Space to the Bunker and…

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AIPAC Shows Israel between Christian Love and Muslim Hate

March 11, 2015

The contrast between Christian friendship and Muslim enmity towards the Jewish state was stark throughout various panels at the recent 2015 American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, DC. Minnesota state senator and…

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Here’s How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel

March 9, 2015

Peek behind the curtain of some “progressive” or “hip” evangelical churches, past the savvy technology and secular music, and you will find more than just a contemporary worship service. You’ll find faith leaders encouraging…

Source: American Spectator

Forgiving a Killer?

March 9, 2015

The trendy case of Kelly Gissendaner, on death row in Georgia.

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Iran’s Spiritual Challenge to American Christians

March 3, 2015

Nine years ago liberal American religious activists like pacifist Jim Wallis of Sojourners created a “Words, Not War, With Iran” coalition to organize against decisive U.S. action against Iran’s nuclear program.  Revealingly they urged:…

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Spock’s Struggle and Ours

February 27, 2015

Today Leonard Nimoy, most famous for playing Spock in the original Star Trek television series and its many spin-offs and films, passed away. His performance in that role will not be fading from our…

Capt. Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr., of Washington, D.C., climbing into an Advanced Trainer. Tuskegee, Alabama. January 1942. Source: Wikimedia Commons

An ISIS side to America’s History?

February 24, 2015

President Obama’s prayer breakfast speech urging Christians and Americans to avoid a “high horse” before condemning Islamists in light of the Crusades and Jim Crow has provoked wider reflection on comparative national and cultural…