Millions are Suffering and Sojourners Doesn’t Care

by (@lukemoon1) November 8, 2013

Edie Sundby has cancer. She has the kind of cancer where the five year survival rate is only 2%.  She’s among those 2%.  Her health insurance company has spent over a million dollars to keep her alive.  She likes her insurance company. Too bad. Here’s how Edie described her situation in an op-ed she wrote […]

Speakers Warn Against “Entrenched” Positions of “Conservative White Men” at Evangelical Conference

by (@TheIRD) July 17, 2013

Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) gathered July 12 – 14 to celebrate the retirement of their founder and president, Dr. Ron Sider, the installation of two new co-presidents, and the organization’s 40 year anniversary at Eastern University near Philadelphia, PA.

Update on the Sovereign Grace Ministries Lawsuit

by (@TheIRD) July 10, 2013

Since my last report on the Sovereign Grace Ministries lawsuit in May, more developments have unfolded in this horrific ordeal. For an in-depth overview of the situation, see my last article on the topic. To sum up the events though, back in October 2012 three women represented by attorney Susan Burke filed a civil lawsuit […]

The Ethics of Surrogacy

by (@TheIRD) June 8, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) Surrogacy is not an issue that comes to the average Christian’s mind when discussing the dignity and sanctity of human life. But Russell Moore, the new president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention believes Christians must be educated on the ethical implications of surrogacy as artificial […]

Breadwinner Moms: It’s Complicated

by (@TheIRD) June 5, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) The Pew Research Center released a study last week on “Breadwinner Moms,” which found 40% of American households with children under 18 “include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income.” Some of the responses to this study have been a bit simplistic in their assumption that American women […]

Assemblies of God General Superintendent Defends Biblical Teaching on Sexuality

by (@TheIRD) May 31, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) In recent weeks, Dr. George Wood, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God (AG) has  publicly and articulately defended the traditional biblical teaching on marriage and homosexual practice against distortions by liberal ministers. On his website, Dr. Wood writes of his interaction with pastors in his local area of Springfield, MO […]

New York City Council Upholds Religious Freedom

by (@TheIRD) May 29, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) New York City’s approximately 40 congregations worshiping in public schools are one step closer to securing that contested freedom. The NYC Council voted last week to approve a resolution to permit churches (and other religious groups) to rent space in public schools during non-school hours. The resolution passed 38 – 11 and […]

Fathers, Mothers, and “Radical” Christianity

by (@TheIRD) May 24, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) In a piece responding to the controversy over the “New Radicals,” titled “Suburbia Needs Jesus, Too,” Andrea Palpant Dilley offers a mother’s perspective, pointing out that fixation on big, dramatic acts as the way to “really” follow God disqualifies most Christian mothers from a meaningful Christian life. (Read the article that started […]

Jay Bakker’s Rainbow Bread “Communion”

by (@TheIRD) May 15, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) This week Minnesota became the twelfth state in the United States to redefine marriage. Jay Bakker, son of the televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, marked the occasion by offering “rainbow bread” for “communion” at the inaugural service of Revolution Church Minnesota on Sunday, May 12th. Bakker explained all were welcome to […]

A ‘Thank You’ to My Mom on Mother’s Day

by (@TheIRD) May 11, 2013

Kristin Rudolph (@Kristin_Rudolph) We commonly hear complaints about the commercialization of Mother’s Day, with cynical accusations (which perhaps bear some truth) that the day has been co-opted by Hallmark to make a buck off American family relationships. But I think it is fitting to set aside a specific day to appreciate the women who cared […]