Catholics, Methodists & Deportations

by (@markdtooley) April 11, 2014

The religious enthusiasts for liberalized immigration and mass legalization rarely if ever acknowledge their proposals’ potential if not likely consequence of encouraging further illegal immigration.

IRD Podcast: Mark Tooley Interview

by (@TheIRD) March 21, 2014

IRD President Mark Tooley discusses the arrest in January of several United Methodist bishops protesting U.S. government immigration policy in our debut podcast.

God’s Truth, Man’s Judgment, and Immigration, among Other Matters

by (@AEHarrod) February 22, 2014

“I am not going to pretend that I am a policy wonk,” Franciscan Friar Jason Welle conceded in Lafayette Square before the White House on February 17, 1014, during a protest against illegal immigrant deportations. Welle’s admission of ignorance while questioned on American immigration policy highlighted the protestors’ flawed understanding of God’s infallible Word and mankind’s fallible judgment.

United Methodist Figureheads Seek Arrest…Again

by (@bjgingerich) February 17, 2014

Bishop Carcaño, no stranger to liberal political activism, announced, “We are willing to be arrested in front of the White House to tell the president that compassion on immigration starts with the stroke of his pen.”

Wallis Goes on Racism Attack, Impugning evangelicals on illegal immigration.

by (@markdtooley) November 23, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner has announced the House will not go to conference with the U.S. Senate over the latter’s immigration legalization proposal, likely forestalling any immigration legislation this year. It’s not for lack of trying by many religious advocates of immigration “reform,” with special exertions by many evangelical elites. A tent has arisen on Capitol Hill to shelter evangelical immigration prayers for immigration legislation.

Remarks at Heritage Foundation on Evangelicals & Immigration

by (@markdtooley) November 16, 2013

Churches in America didn’t start speaking about immigration only recently. In 1906, Methodist bishops, speaking as part of America’s largest religious movement, noted that one million immigrants had entered the U.S. the previous year, with 700,000 of them from southern and eastern Europe. Many, in the bishops’ words, jarring to modern ears, were “totally illiterate […]

Media Advisory: Evangelicals Discuss Immigration at Heritage Event this Friday

by (@TheIRD) November 15, 2013

Washington, DC—Some evangelical Christian officials are touting “comprehensive immigration reform” like the U.S. Senate recently passed. Many are aggressively quoting the Bible to argue that mass legalization of unlawful immigrants is the Christian way to “welcome the stranger.”

Do Evangelicals Support the Senate’s Immigration Bill?

by (@markdtooley) August 7, 2013

By Mark Tooley @markdtooley Religion News Service columnist Jonathan Merritt recently wrote that evangelical elites touting legislation to legalize illegal immigrants are not persuading their own constituency. He cited a Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) poll showing almost no movement on the issue over the last several years despite much hoopla. And he noted the […]

Evangelical Luminaries Pray for Immigration Reform

by (@bjgingerich) July 25, 2013

“There aren’t many changes more dramatic in American evangelicalism than the way its leaders have embraced the indispensable justice of immigration reform.”

Taking From Caesar: Gang of 8 Bill Contains Large “Slush Funds” for Faith-Based Immigration Contractors

by (@TheIRD) July 25, 2013

Section 2537 of Senate Bill 744 (S. 744), also known as the Gang of Eight’s immigration “reform” bill, includes two large slush funds, totaling at least $150 million over the next five years. These funds are earmarked for organizations that promise to help illegal immigrants apply for amnesty.