Religious Minorities in Vietnam Facing Government Scrutiny and Persecution

by (@TheIRD) March 28, 2014

According to Human Rights watchdog Open Doors, Christians are perceived as agents for western nations. Tribal leaders often help the government monitor churches closely.

Fighting among armed militias in Central African Republic has warning signs of Genocide

by (@TheIRD) February 13, 2014

“In my 20 years of service to God, I have never seen such trials as these. Since the (Muslim) Seleka (faction) came to the country, even the Muslims who whom we have always lived in peace have turned against us. They are now aggressive toward us,” he stated.

The pastor also added: “These rebels are raping our daughters and murdering our people. We know of cases where people have been locked in their homes and burned alive. Everyone trying to escape was shot dead.”

The pastor tells Open Doors USA the central African nation is “seeing the early signs of genocide.”

Saudi Blasphemy Conviction Condemned by US Commission on International Religious Freedom

by (@Cuchulain09) August 9, 2013

Can you even imagine what 600 lashes can do to human flesh? If his sentence is upheld, 30 year-old Raif Badawi, a young Saudi Arabian website editor, will experience this savagery, along with seven years in a Saudi prison. Badawi was convicted on July 29, 2013 for insulting Islam, violating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s […]

Angela Merkel: Christianity Is the World’s “Most Persecuted” Religion

by (@TheIRD) November 12, 2012

By Andrew Harrod  Speaking on November 5, 2012, before a synod of Germany’s Lutheran Church (Evangelische Kirche Deutschlands or EKD), German chancellor Angela Merkel recently incited national controversy. Merkel’s address in Timmendorfer Strand in the German province of Schleswig-Holstein included the passing comment that “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.” The German federal […]