The Weak, the Strong, and the Rules

by (@TheIRD) September 27, 2013

Thinking back, it used to be hard enough to decide on school clothes, the right sneakers, which lunchbox I wanted, and what kinds of notebooks and pens would be best. Now, in addition to all that, our kids have to worry about picking out backpacks and, er … bathrooms?

Lutherans Gone Wild: God, Gays, and Gender in the ELCA, Part II

by (@AEHarrod) August 24, 2013

A previous Juicy Ecumenism article examined the brave new genderless and “pansexual” world propagated by the Lutheran homosexual group ReconcilingWorks during the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) 2013 Churchwide Assembly. Further examination of ReconcilingWorks’ (RW) website, though, only deepens a disturbing understanding of RW’s heretical and immoral agenda. As analyzed by this article in particular, RW stands for the ideological deconstruction of natural human gender, however harmful the consequences.

And Now for Something Completely Different?: Gay Lutheran Bishop Presides at Revisionist Worship Service

by (@AEHarrod) August 19, 2013

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) first openly gay bishop, Guy Erwin, presided over a highly heterodox worship service on August 14, 2013, during ELCA’s 2013 Churchwide Assembly in Pittsburgh. Erwin’s subsequent dismissal of the service’s doctrinal significance notwithstanding, the bishop’s presence amidst such liturgical revisionism raises disturbing questions about proper theological formation in the ELCA.

Sidestepping Abortion at The Justice Conference

by (@TheIRD) February 27, 2013

by Kristin Rudolph (@kristin_rudolph) It is impossible to honestly discuss the oppression of women and disproportionate ratio of men to women in the world without mentioning sex-selective abortion rampant in countries like China and India. But that is exactly what Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sheryl WuDunn did, speaking to 4,000 young Christians at the third annual Justice Conference […]

“Benevolent Sexism” at an Evangelical University

by (@TheIRD) November 15, 2012

A group of professors at Biola University recently released a report called “Women Faculty at an Evangelical University: The Paradox of Religiously Driven Gender Inequalities and High Job Satisfaction.” The report shows that women faculty at an evangelical college face “benevolent sexism,” resulting in fewer opportunities for advancement than their male colleagues, yet overall, they report […]

Feminism, Patriarchy, and the Names of God

by (@bjgingerich) August 15, 2012

The increasingly popular Love, Joy, Feminism blog featured a short post that caught my attention. Echoing Sarah Over the Moon, Libby Anne asserted that male imagery of God is idolatry. I read this opinion not because I am a loyal follower of this Patheos blog. Instead, I came across it through several feminists friends of […]

Union Seminary President Complains on MSNBC about Male-Led Catholic Church

by (@TheIRD) February 24, 2012

Union Theological Seminary’s Serene Jones discusses gender and the Catholic Church on MSNBC. (Photo credit: Union Theological Seminary) “Sometimes you have to see women in positions of power before you can get back up to the big image and begin to open it up so we could imagine God in female imagery,” said Serene Jones, president […]

When AWAB Comes to Town

by (@bjgingerich) July 8, 2011

AWAB leader Robin Lunn addresses the Southern Baptist Convention. (Photo credit: Association of Affirming Baptists) The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America “peace camp” wrapped up with two days’ worth of supporting the homosexual agenda of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (AWAB). The two organizations work hand-in-hand together, introducing Baptist congregations to the […]

A Weekend of the “Feminine Divine” at National Cathedral

by (@TheIRD) February 20, 2009

New Age themes of self-deification animated the biennial “Sacred Circles” conference on women’s spirituality at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on February 13-14.  Rather than the masculine “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” of Christian creeds women sought out the “the Feminine Divine” within themselves. But this time, ecclesiastical support was not limited to Protestant denominations. […]