It’s All About Religion

by (@TheIRD) April 15, 2014

The decadence and libertinism of the West in general and America in particular is a sign of a society that is disintegrating, rejecting its essential structuring elements.

A Foreign Policy Lesson from Congressman Gohmert

by (@Cuchulain09) July 20, 2013

On Friday, July 19, 2013, U.S. Representative Louis Gohmert (TX-01) gave an extraordinary lesson in foreign policy on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. In a speech that lasted almost an hour, Congressman Gohmert assessed frankly the direction that the so-called Arab Spring has been taking the Middle East and North Africa, and the part that the foreign policy of the Obama Administration has played in this trajectory.

Updates from the Revolution: “At the Request of the People of Egypt”

by (@Cuchulain09) July 10, 2013

“At last, Egypt is now free from the oppressive rule of the Muslim Brotherhood!” he writes in Mabruk ya Misr (Congratulations, Egypt!) on July 3, 2013.

Two Years a Country: Celebrating Independence Day in South Sudan

by (@Cuchulain09) July 8, 2013

- Southern Sudanese from the United States Diaspora vote for freedom, January 2011. (Photo credit: Faith J. H. McDonnell) By Faith J. H. McDonnell  (@Cuchulain09) It is the eve of Independence Day in the Republic of South Sudan. Tomorrow, July 9, will mark the nation’s second birthday. To prepare for this solemn and joyful occasion, the […]

Inspired by a Russian Christian Dissident

by (@Cuchulain09) May 22, 2013

By Faith J. H. McDonnell (@Cuchulain09) This week Front Page Magazine published my story about Russian Christian dissident Alexander Ogorodnikov. The news about a new biography of this courageous man, Dissident for Life: Alexander Ogorodnikov and the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Russia, by Koenraad De Wolf was what spurred me to reflecting on my […]

Christianity and Freedom in the Contemporary Middle East

by (@TheIRD) December 27, 2012

By Rick Plasterer Tenuous religious freedom for Christians in the Middle East is now complicated by enormous social unrest, panelists seemed to agree at an afternoon session of the inaugural symposium on Christianity and Freedom, sponsored by the Religious Freedom Project of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs. The first panelist, Kurt Werthmuller […]

Reduced Religious Vitality, Our Nation, and the 2012 Election

by (@bjgingerich) November 13, 2012

by Robert Benne We are indeed a changed country. We are in decline economically, socially, and culturally.  And the crucial factor—religion—that undergirds all those sectors is losing its punch. The victory of Barack Obama is a sure sign of these changes. Let’s start with the economic dimension.  We have incurred trillions of dollars of debt […]

Falun Gong: Fighting for Freedom from the Chinese Communist Party

by (@Cuchulain09) October 3, 2012

By Faith McDonnell As a defender of religious liberty around the world, the Institute on Religion and Democracy is called to speak out not just for Christians, but for all those who are persecuted for their beliefs. Each summer for the past seven years, it has been my privilege to speak at a rally for […]

Antidotes for American Decline

by (@TheIRD) September 15, 2012

By Rick Plasterer Author and social commentator Os Guinness spoke to the Faith and Law forum for Congressional staffers on Friday, Sept. 7, focusing on topics covered in his new book Free People’s Suicide. Saying that he was born in the era of Winston Churchill and had personally met him, he noted the “gigantic challenges” […]

The Impending Supreme Court Health Care Reform Law Decision

by (@TheIRD) June 6, 2012

by Rick Plasterer A very momentous event is upon us, the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of the health reform law that threatens religious freedom and freedom generally. Are we coming to God in prayer about this as we should? I suspect that a lot of Christians who think the law is […]