Which Way Are Christian Attitudes About Israel Moving?

by (@TheIRD) March 5, 2014

Recently the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its annual policy conference in Washington, and stated that when it comes to public backing for Israel, by some measures, U.S. evangelical Christians are even more supportive of Israel than in recent memory.

Press Release: Evangelicals Flock to Pro-Life Message

by (@JeffreyHWalton) January 24, 2014

When tens of thousands of pro-life activists gathered in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, they did more than mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that swept away state laws restricting abortion.

With a special emphasis on promoting adoption and the visible presence of new, young female leadership in the Pro-Life movement, the march began laying a foundation for wider appeal.

Evangelical United Methodist Historian, IRD Board Member Urges Non-Partisan Christian Social Engagement

by (@JohnLomperis) January 22, 2014

A panel of evangelical scholars discussed how American evangelicals can learn from the mistakes of the past to have a better social and political witness. The starting point for discussion was a recent book by IRD board member Ken Collins of Asbury Theological Seminary.

Christians, Cold War and Moral Discernment

by (@markdtooley) December 16, 2013

David Swartz is a professor at Asbury College who identifies with the Anabaptist tradition. He has written an important and well-reviewed history of the Evangelical Left called Moral Minority. Last month I attended a lively session on this book at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. In a recent Patheos blog, Swartz writes […]

Oppression of Middle Eastern Christians Blamed on… Israel?

by (@HashtagGriswold) October 31, 2013

Across the Middle East, Christians face intimidation, violence, church-burnings, and even murder. Why doesn’t the West do more to address these catastrophes? According a Christian historian, its all Evangelicals and Zionists’ fault.

Why Liberal Evangelicals are Lying to Millennials

by (@ChelsenVicari) October 6, 2013

Editor’s Note: A version of this article was published TheBlaze. Click here to read it. Newark, N.J. Mayor and Senate hopeful Cory Booker is not known for proclaiming his love of Jesus or evangelizing to his fellow politicians and constituents. So as a 20-something evangelical, I find it curious that Mayor Booker is a featured […]

First Ex-Gay Awareness Celebration Honors Evangelical Leaders

by (@ChelsenVicari) October 3, 2013

“We’re here. And we’re not queer,” pronounced host Christopher Doyle on Monday night as he introduced the First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Reception in Washington D.C. Held during “Ex-Gay Pride Month,” the reception is just one example of a growing groundswell movement of faith-based former homosexuals publicly standing up for their rights against harsh criticism and […]

A Decade of Loneliness

by (@TheIRD) August 13, 2013

Loneliness and depression have become an increasingly normal part of American life over the past decade. The Church is uniquely equipped to offer hope to the lonely, isolated, and depressed in our communities.

Pro-life: Looking Beyond Abortion

by (@TheIRD) August 7, 2013

Although recent abortion regulations and clinic closures are good news for the Pro-life cause and every woman and child spared the horror of abortion by them, our cultural view of life remains deeply corrupted.

More Than Skin Deep: Thoughts on the Evangelical Modesty Debate

by (@TheIRD) August 1, 2013

Modesty is a frequently debated issue for American Evangelicals, and this summer is no different. Is it possible to talk about modest dress without falling into legalism?