Bishop Thomas Ken: a Case of Theological and Political Integrity

by (@bjgingerich) March 24, 2014

The glow of Thomas Ken’s life causes us to long for ecclesiastical figures of such tremendous discernment and integrity as we enter an era no less confusing and fractious as the good bishop’s. May church leaders who interact with the government show such upright character, no matter the cost. As Bishop Ken proves, the price tag for ethical stands is rarely cheap.

Church and Crown: The Quest for Relevancy

by (@BrianKenMiller) January 20, 2014

The Church should take a few lessons from the Crown. There is nothing wrong with being a little old fashioned. People may even find great comfort in it.

Part II: Women Bishops and the Public Opinion Captivity of the Church of England

by (@TheIRD) November 24, 2013

It is deeply troubling that the decision to introduce women as bishops in the Church of England was made in a kind of political vacuum, utterly divorced from discussing the theological and doctrinal imperatives, justifications and implications for the change, and taking into account only the “trends and priorities of wider society”. It is especially astonishing that such a momentous decision was reached with almost no reference to what Scriptures, the Church Fathers and Mothers, ecumenical councils, or the writings of divers Saints had to say on women’s role in the Church. Yet, following recent developments in the Church, it is sadly unsurprising that those pushing for this change did not bother to ask themselves “What do the Scriptures, holy tradition, and the Saints say on this subject?” The only real concerns in the minds of many, certainly the current and former Archbishops of Canterbury and the Prime Minister, seem to have been over questions of relevancy, public opinion, and political pressure.

Part I: Women Bishops and the Public Opinion Captivity of the Church of England

by (@TheIRD) November 22, 2013

Is the goal of any Church simply to “ensure its place” as “modern”, or perceived as relevant to the ever-changing norms of the society in which it exists? In their eagerness to ensure that the Church of England maintains its established position by catering to the changing tides of a public opinion largely ignorant of Christian theology and history, those pushing for these reforms seem unaware that a Church which so compromises and alters its doctrines will have little remaining authority in society to speak certain truths to it. A Church which shows itself willing to operate as a malleable institution obsessed with perceptions of relevancy and keeping its privileged status cannot inspire much devotion in its people, nor will political society or public opinion respect it as an authoritative national voice when it has surrendered all authority that contradicts or challenges them.

Syrian War & Churches

by (@markdtooley) September 3, 2013

Several Mainline/old line Protestant agencies have joined with left wing and pacifist groups to sign a politically irrelevant plea to President Obama denouncing “military strikes” on Syria and urging “diplomatic efforts to stop the bloodshed.” The National Council of Churches has issued a slightly more temperate appeal. And the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury’s […]

Church of England to Consider Female Bishops, Blessing Gay Unions: What Would Wesley Do?

by (@markdtooley) June 27, 2013

By Brian Miller @briankenmiller In the preface to the Book of Common Prayer Thomas Cranmer observed that, “There was never anything by the wit of man so well devised, or so sure established, which in continuance of time hath not been corrupted.” Unfortunately, the sentiment seems to be ringing true even for the Church that […]

Church of England Envisions a Church for Pagans

by (@TheIRD) June 27, 2013

By Alexander Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) It sounds like a parody, but the Church of England has found yet another questionable way to stabilize declining attendance numbers; designing churches for entirely different religions. As The Telegraph reports, the Church of England has decided to train members to found what they envision as “almost a pagan church where […]

Bishop of London’s Speech at Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral (Full Text)

by (@TheIRD) April 17, 2013

The Right Rev. Richard Chartres delivered the following comments at today’s funeral for former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Baroness Margaret Thatcher: After the storm of a life lived in the heat of political controversy, there is a great calm. The storm of conflicting opinions centres on the Mrs Thatcher who became a symbolic figure – even […]

Thomas à Becket, We Have Need of Thee

by (@bjgingerich) December 10, 2012

The initial outrage and fallout from the Church of England’s decision to reject women bishops seems to have reached its close. Newspapers on the right and the left shrieked in disdain at such a backwards institution for not toeing the feminist line. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Archbishop-to-be Justin Welby, and orthodox heavyweight N. T. […]

Church of England Narrowly Rejects Women Bishops

by (@bjgingerich) November 20, 2012

Today, the General Synod for the Church of England rejectedthe ordination of women bishops by a mere handful of votes. So ends for now a nearly 12 year legislative process to upend standards for episcopal office. Much of the controversy surrounded the provision of stand-in bishops for parishes opposed to women’s ordination. Passage of the […]