4 Threats to Christian Support for Israel

by (@RyanMauro) March 25, 2014

“Before I came to Israel, I saw the conflict as a David and Goliath scenario with Israel being Goliath and the Arabs as David. Now I understand that it’s the opposite …”

Islamist-Interfaith Alliance Battles Foreign Law Bans

by (@RyanMauro) February 14, 2014

Shoulder-to-Shoulder, an interfaith coalition allied with the Islamic Society of North America, is mobilizing its supporters against state legislation that stops foreign law from superseding the Constitution. The Islamists’ non-Muslim allies are helping frame it as an unnecessary, bigoted initiative that threatens all people of faith.

Loving Thy Terrorist: Anti-Guantanamo Protest Supports Enemy Combatants

by (@AEHarrod) January 22, 2014

“Courage Muslim Brothers/You do not walk alone/We will walk with you/And sing your spirit home,” sang demonstrators inside a National Museum of American History atrium during a January 11, 2014, protest calling for closure of Guantanamo Bay’s terrorist detention facility. The demonstration displayed an inverted morality naively proclaiming terrorist detainees innocent while condemning American national defense measures at Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO).

Ford Interfaith Network Embraces CAIR-Michigan

by (@RyanMauro) November 4, 2013

CAIR-MI’s Dawud Walid, says the FBI is ‘manufacturing their own terrorism.’ He has spoken at Ford three times.

CAIR Appoints Jew to Head Philadelphia Chapter

by (@RyanMauro) October 21, 2013

The appointment about more than interfaith dialogue. It is based on a shared belief that Israel and its allies are oppressors of Muslims.

Inviting CAIR to Church

by (@RyanMauro) September 30, 2013

When a Unitarian church in Florida decided to teach its congregation about Islam around the time of this year’s anniversary of 9/11, it brought in an extremist official from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who has promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories. The group mayno longer be embraced by the FBI, but CAIR’s list of published endorsementsshows there are plenty of Christian and Jewish leaders happy to work with it.

Evangelicals Against Sharia Bans

by (@RyanMauro) September 2, 2013

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, recently promoted an article on an evangelical website seeking to convince Christians to oppose bans on Sharia-based rulings. The author joined other Christian activists in reciting the talking points of the very Islamists that make the laws necessary

CAIR Allies Slam NYPD Chief as Possible DHS Pick

by (@TheIRD) August 1, 2013

by Ryan Mauro A bi-partisan group of lawmakers including Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer are putting forward NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s name as a replacement for Janet Napolitano, who recently stepped down as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The Council on American-Islamic Relations sprang into action, as did its ally, the Interfaith Center of New […]

CAIR Teams Up with Church to Sue NSA

by (@TheIRD) July 22, 2013

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, apparently aware of the stigma associated with their names, has a new modus operandi: Work through interfaith partners whenever possible. The Council on American-Islamic Relations is using that tactic in its lawsuit against the National Security Agency, letting the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles take the lead.

Bloomberg vs. CAIR’s Interfaith Friends

by (@TheIRD) July 5, 2013

The Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign, an interfaith coalition allied with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), is praising the passage of two bills by the New York City Council aimed at stopping the alleged abuses of the NYPD. Mayor Bloomberg says he will veto the bills, even though they passed with enough support to override it. […]