United Methodist Bishops to Stage Political Statement on Immigration at Mexican Border

by (@markdtooley) May 3, 2013

According to their press release, the United Methodist Church’s Council of Bishops will visit the Mexican border on May 7 apparently to advertise their political support for “immigration reform.” Here’s their statement: On Tuesday, May 7, beginning at 1:30 p.m. PDT, United Methodist bishops from all over the world will visit the U.S. – Mexico […]

German Catholic Bishops Decry Global Persecution of Christians, Call for Prayer

by (@TheIRD) December 28, 2012

By Andrew E. Harrod, PhD, Esq. As previously announced on December 18, 2012, the Catholic Church’s German Bishops Conference has called upon all German Catholics to observe a day of prayer on December 26 in remembrance of persecuted Christians worldwide.  This observance follows a June 2012 decision of the conference to observe an annual day […]

Episcopal Bishops for Open Borders?

by (@markdtooley) September 30, 2010

The following article ran on The American Spectator and is reposted with permission. Episcopal Church bishops are always susceptible to caricature, and their recent “pastoral letter” on immigration is no exception. The 2 million member denomination’s House of Bishops recently met in Arizona, the troubled front line for immigration controversies. About 60 bishops symbolically met near the Mexican […]

Church Officials Slam Tea Partiers

by (@markdtooley) April 9, 2010

The following originally appeared as an IRD Weekly E-Newsletter. If you would like to receive future mailings, register as an IRD User today. Find additional newsletters in the IRD E-Newsletter Archive.   It’s not unusual for the religious left to ascribe “hate” to anyone who resists its big government agenda. But the chief United Methodist lobbyist on Capitol Hill, along with the […]