Chinese Christians Rattle Government

by (@RyanMauro) April 18, 2014

For some Chinese Communist Party officials, seeing crosses atop churches from a highway are an intolerable symbol of who owns the future. Christianity is transforming the country…

Muslims of the Americas’ Anti-Semitic Interfaith Campaign

by (@RyanMauro) April 9, 2014

The group’s website and video are full of anti-Semitism. Either their interfaith partners failed to visit its website or ignored it.

Rebuilding and Defending United Methodism Today – Part 2 of 9: Biblical Groundedness

by (@JohnLomperis) December 11, 2013

Practical, systematic strategies for how United Methodist congregations can combat the famine of biblical illiteracy plaguing the United Methodist Church. Part 2 of 9 from UM Action Director John Lomperis’s recent “Rebuilding and Defending United Methodism Today” speech.

A Quran, a Bible, and a Machete

by (@lukemoon1) August 1, 2013

Djallo looked at the two books placed on the table before him.  The Quran he had been taught since he was a boy.  The Bible he had just begun to know.  The Bible had been given to him by a missionary in Guinea.  He had taken it so that he could highlight all the mistakes […]

#Facepalm Friday: Dear Theo, My Partner Wants an Open Relationship

by (@lukemoon1) July 26, 2013

The United Church of Christ has an advice column on its official website.  This week a reader is caught between embracing polyamory and stifling his partners lust with old fashioned monogamy.  It is hard to pick the best bit of wisdom offered by Theo.  Perhaps it is, “Whenever I don’t know what to do, I […]

Missional United Methodism for the 21st Century – Part 2 of 6: Scripture

by (@JohnLomperis) June 25, 2013

The following remarks were delivered by UMAction Director John Lomperis on June 15 at the annual lunch of Cal-Pac Renewal, the evangelical renewal caucus within the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church. Emphasis on the Bible as our final authority on all matters of doctrine and morals.  In the words of Article IV of […]

The Violence of God: a Final Response to Girard

by (@TheIRD) May 8, 2013

by Caleb Nelson Rene Girard pretends to be a mere literary critic who dabbles in anthropology. Actually, he is a full-blown theologian with a central dogma of non-violence. Despite the Biblical coloring Girard gives his doctrines, they are blacker than hell, for they proclaim a different gospel. In attacking violence, Rene Girard has attacked the […]

Emergent Christianity Comes to Memphis

by (@bjgingerich) January 18, 2013

At a national gathering on emergence Christianity (their term, not ours), noted writer Phyllis Tickle compared Brian McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy to Luther’s 95 Theses and St. Anselm of Canterbury to an Islamist imam. The grandmotherly guru of post-evangelical Christianity was the star of the conference, sharing her characteristically saucy humor at her home parish of […]

As Iron Sharpens Iron

by (@TheIRD) January 10, 2013

Much has been written recently about the potential drift of Millennial Christians (those between ages 18-30) out of the church and into a vague, rootless spirituality – or out of faith entirely. Although it is tempting to generalize and make sweeping statements about the millions who make up a generation, there is a danger in […]

“Biblical Womanhood” is Not “Women’s Work”

by (@TheIRD) October 24, 2012

(Photo Credit: Rachel Held Evans, the evangelical (perhaps “post-evangelical”) blogger and author has been hitting media outlets promoting her book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master.” This week she appeared on NBC’s Today show and next week she will […]