Religion Predictions for 2013

by (@TheIRD) January 7, 2013

By Mark Tooley (@MarkDTooley) America remains overwhelmingly religious in a world that is largely growing more religious, with fast growing Christianity increasingly competing for souls with Islam globally, especially in Africa but also Asia. Religion will be a top news maker in 2013 no less than in 2012. Here are some projections of likely stories […]

This Could Be Its Finest Hour

by (@markdtooley) August 17, 2012

The following article appeared on the American Spectator website and was reposted with permission. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams will step down at the end of 2012. (Photo credit: Malaria No More)   The U.S. based Episcopal Church’s recognition of same sex unions last month mostly excited a big yawn. More interesting is the resistance of its […]

Religious Climate Rage

by (@markdtooley) December 22, 2009

he following article originally appeared on the Front Page Magazine website, and is reproduced with permission.   The international Religious Left is grieving over the Copenhagen climate summit’s failure to mandate sweeping restrictions on capitalism and massive global redistribution of wealth. “With a lack of transparency, the agreement reached this past week by some countries was […]

The Jerry Garcia of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the bumbling archbishop beloved by the press

by (@markdtooley) March 3, 2009

The following article originally appeared on the Weekly Standard website, and is reproduced with permission.   The March issue of the Atlantic features a lengthy and largely glowing review of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, comparing his nuclear freeze activism of the 1980s to his campaign for conciliation over homosexuality among the world’s 80 million Anglicans. “As it […]

Staying on the Subject: Sexuality and Human Nature

by (@TheIRD) February 26, 2009

James Tonkowich February 26, 2009   The following originally appeared in a recent IRD Weekly e-newsletter.  If you would like to receive our weekly e-newsletter, register as an IRD User today.   In last week’s email, I discussed Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan William’s position on same-sex marriage taken from an article by Paul Elie in the March issue of The Atlantic.  At […]

The Archbishop’s Latest Folly

by (@markdtooley) February 26, 2009

The following article originally appeared on the FrontPage Magazine website, and is reproduced with permission.   Early last year, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams suggested that Great Britain accept aspects of Islamic law, or Sharia. Despite the ensuing controversy, he is now claiming some vindication, declaring that Sharia’s partial codification into British law “seems inevitable.” Indeed, […]

Lambeth 2008: Negotiating Terms of Divorce

by (@TheIRD) July 29, 2008

Rev. George Conger July 29, 2008   The Anglican Communion has foundered and is ready to sink beneath the waves, bishops attending the 14th Lambeth Conference tell the IRD. Charges of dishonesty and ignorance were exchanged during the first week of the conference, a gathering of the bishops of the Anglican Communion in Canterbury, England, […]