Act for Sudan: Join the Obama’s Stained Legacy Campaign

by (@Cuchulain09) August 3, 2013

Act for Sudan’s Obama’s Stained Legacy Logo (Photo credit: Act for Sudan) IRD’s Church Alliance for a New Sudan is proud to be a member of Act for Sudan, a coalition of individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum working to stop genocide and mass atrocities against Sudan’s marginalized and persecuted populations by their […]

A Foreign Policy Lesson from Congressman Gohmert

by (@Cuchulain09) July 20, 2013

On Friday, July 19, 2013, U.S. Representative Louis Gohmert (TX-01) gave an extraordinary lesson in foreign policy on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. In a speech that lasted almost an hour, Congressman Gohmert assessed frankly the direction that the so-called Arab Spring has been taking the Middle East and North Africa, and the part that the foreign policy of the Obama Administration has played in this trajectory.

Attacks on Egyptian Christians Continue

by (@Cuchulain09) April 11, 2013

By Faith J. H. McDonnell (@Cuchulain09) In the preface to his most recent book, Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy writes that Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi’s election “has converted Egypt from a military dictatorship to a sharia dictatorship.” This, he continues, “is the end to which ‘Islamic democracy’ […]

Islamist Spring, Christian Winter

by (@TheIRD) January 30, 2013

By Andrew E. Harrod Nina Shea and Samuel Tadros of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom spoke at Washington, DC’s Institute of World Politics on January 28 at “The Rise of Islamists:  Challenges to Egypt’s Copts.” The pair described a bleak future for Christians in Tadros’ native Egypt and the wider Middle East under […]

Negotiating a Turbulent World

by (@TheIRD) December 11, 2012

By Faith McDonnell The so-called “Arab Spring” came in 2011 to Egypt. But the events now taking place – the protests against President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, signifying a resistance to the Islamization of Egypt, confirm the disastrous nature of “Arab Spring.” Many now call the conditions in the Middle East the “Arab Winter” […]

Egypt Veering Towards Pakistan’s Blasphemy Standards

by (@Cuchulain09) October 10, 2012

As Pakistani Christian Rimsha Masih’s imprisonment demonstrated, Islamists are not above accusing children of blasphemy, or of manufacturing incidents to fuel rage against vulnerable Christians. Since Arab “Spring” and the new Muslim Brotherhood government, such accusations are appearing more frequently in Egypt. Fortunately, as with the case of Rimsha Masih, the fraudulence of some of these Egyptian blasphemy cases has been exposed. […]

Noisy Religious Left Silent on Islamist Egypt

by (@lukemoon1) December 20, 2011

When it comes to religious persecution, silence appears to be the status quo among liberal Christians. (Photo credit: IRD) Responding to the recent violence in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the massacre in Maspero, and the unsettling Islamist surge in the first round of Egypt’s elections, the 1.3 million member American Baptist Church denomination declared December 11, […]

Church Coalition Seeks U.S. Pressure on Israel

by (@JeffreyHWalton) June 9, 2011

This is the second of two articles on the 2011 Churches for Middle East Peace Advocacy Conference. To read about conference speakers’ assessment of the “Arab Spring” revolutions, click here.   Set against the backdrop of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of the U.S. Congress, members of a church coalition […]

Middle East Church Coalition Celebrates “Arab Spring”

by (@JeffreyHWalton) June 2, 2011

This is the first of two articles on the 2011 Churches for Middle East Peace Advocacy Conference. A series of revolutions sweeping the Middle East pose little danger to Israel and represent a movement away from violence and radicalism, according to speakers at a recent church conference focused of Middle East peace. Arab revolutionaries were […]