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A St. Louisan’s Prayer

UM Action Director John Lomperis offers this reflection and prayers on the violence recently engulfing his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

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10 Things Evangelical United Methodists Can Be Thankful For in 2014

While 2014 has been difficult in many ways, here are some important things faithful United Methodists can celebrate this year.

St. Paul Preaching in Athens by Raphael. Source: Wiki Commons

In Defense of Comparing Culture War Issues to Cannibalism and Other Sordid Things

Next to eating turkey, debating religion and politics with family members and loved ones around the holidays is a cherished part of that tradition.


IRD: Thanksgiving “the supreme season for gratitude for God’s blessing”

“For all of our problems, there is much for which Americans of all faiths can be extremely grateful,” says IRD’s Mark Tooley.

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