#Facepalm Friday: Handel’s Messiah Is Anti-Jewish, Apparently

Handel’s Messiah is arguably the most-beloved English language choral composition, and the “arguably” tends to dropped in the Christmas and Easter seasons. Even those who have not managed to attend a performance of the entire two-and-a-half hour long piece can immediately recognize its brilliant “Hallelujah Chorus”. The oratorio, and especially the chorus, manages to invoke a wellspring of […]

Millennials & Church SYMPOSIUM Part 3: Matter Matters

This is Part 3 in an IRD Symposium on Millennials in the Church. Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. On the heels of World Vision USA reversing its decision to employ Christians in legally recognized same sex marriages, bloggers Tony Jones and Rachel Held Evans make the […]

SYMPOSIUM: Tony Jones and Me

This is Part 2 in an IRD Symposium on Millennials in the Church. Here is Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. Blogger, speaker and co-founder of the “emergent church” movement, Tony Jones (pictured above), is never shy of inflammatory things to say when it comes to the nexus of […]

News Summary of Metropolitan Jonah Speech To IRD

The former head of the Orthodox Church in America spoke about “Secularism and Depersonalization” and its impact on society and the church during a recent visit to the IRD.

Metropolitan Jonah Speech at The IRD

Metropolitan Jonah  recently spoke at the Institute on Religion and Democracy. He served as the head of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) from November 2008 until July 2012. He spoke about “Secularism and Depersonalization” and its impact on society and the church. Click here to read Metropolitan Jonah’s speech, “Secularism and Depersonalization”.

America’s First Freedom

Of all freedoms in the civil order, none can be more important than religious freedom, since it protects our right to live in accordance with what we apprehend to be ultimately right and wrong. This cannot be set aside for values the state imposes.

Perpetua, Felicity, and 21st-century Martyrdom

“Two jewels have flashed in the Church today.” So preached St. Augustine in his sermon “On the Birthdays of Saints Perpetua and Felicity.” Today, we join Augustine in celebrating the heroic legacies of these two women who dared to act upon their convictions, even when those actions stood in direct violation of the laws of their land.

The Kingdom of God and Relativism as a Norm

Moral autonomy, the reigning doctrine of our age, is seriously inhibiting both truth and freedom for the gospel … Because the relativist challenge to truth and morality is so wide ranging, a successful strategy has to be on many fronts. It has to affect the “core of what people believe.”

#Facepalm Friday: Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Portlandia Lent

While a few of Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber’s ideas for keeping Lent holy are closely tied to Lenten traditions, others seem like something from the sketch comedy show Portlandia.

The Star Spangled Banner & Episcopalians

Walking about the snowy, mostly empty streets of Washington, D.C. today I was thinking about The Star-Spangled Banner, which was declared the National Anthem today in 1931, and about its author Francis Scott Key, a devout Episcopalian. Interesting that it became the National Anthem during the depths of the Great Depression, and in time for […]