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Garrett-Evangelical Goes Gay?

August 10, 2014

The president of the United Methodist-affiliated Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary has announced a year-long “conversation” about homosexuality and LGBT rights.


Defining Social Justice

August 4, 2014

Today, nearly any issue of justice in society, real or imagined, falls under the umbrella of social justice. But what does this mean practically speaking…?


Jesus, Elvis & Bishop Spong

August 1, 2014

Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong used to be a big deal. In the 1980s he appeared on talk shows and wrote provocative books suggesting the Virgin Mary was impregnated by a Roman soldier, or…

Marco Rubio

Sen. Rubio Urges Action on Life, Marriage and Healthy Families

July 25, 2014

In Washington D.C. on July 23, 2014, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) united with Catholic University of America to host a forum tackling the impact of family breakdowns. There…


Scenarios for United Methodism’s Future?

July 23, 2014

Last week I blogged against United Methodist schism. In response, some have asked what scenarios I envision for United Methodism’s future. Here are some possibilities, starting with what I think is the least likely…


Calvinists, Please Rescue Evangelicalism from Perfectionism!

July 11, 2014

Wesleyan and Anabaptist perfectionisms are the emerging dominant forms of Christian social witness in America, according to this fascinating piece in First Things by Dale Coulter of Regent University. He’s certainly right about their…

Denominational Responses to the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Ruling

July 1, 2014

Let’s sort out the responses to the Hobby Lobby decision, shall we?


A Millennial’s Take on the Hobby Lobby Case

June 26, 2014

Despite what some Evangelicals might think, there is something more important than the outcome of the Hobby Lobby case.


The Local Church: Welcoming the Misfits and Millennials

June 21, 2014

Editor’s Note: This interview is the third installment of Evangelical Action’s series “How Does Your Church Grow?” and is your opportunity to meet the pastors of the local church plants, hear their stories, and…


The Unfication of Religion and State in Sub-Saharan Africa

June 19, 2014

The danger of religious extremism in sub-Saharan Africa not only stems from radical beliefs but also from a fundamental misunderstanding of the secular state.


India: a Looming New Arena for Religious Persecution

June 7, 2014

A new arena in which religious freedom is attacked, involving both legal prohibitions and violence, may well have opened up in India with the overwhelming election of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its leader, Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister.


Russian Religion: Putin’s Oppression of the Perceived Minority

June 5, 2014

Putin’s oppression must be stopped.