Rick Plasterer

Rick Plasterer

Rick Plasterer is a staff writer for IRD concerned particularly with domestic religious liberty. He attended Eastern Mennonite College (now University) receiving a B.A. degree in history and sociology, and an M.S. in library science from Drexel University.



Religious Freedom and Economic Growth in China

The Role of Business in Religious Freedom

October 25, 2014

Private business has an important role to play in the functioning of religious freedom in society, one which is mutually beneficial to both religious freedom and business.

Houston Skyline

Sexual Liberation’s War on Religious Freedom in Houston

October 17, 2014

The clear implication of the subpoenas [of Houston pastors] is that pastors need to exercise self-censorship in their sermons and other communication related to homosexuality, and in particular not to oppose homosexual activism.


Suffering and the Sanctity of Life

October 16, 2014

The idea of the sanctity of human life, that it has been pronounced holy by God … is now being set aside in favor of a doctrine of quality of life that values persons to the degree they are well developed, healthy, and strong.

Grove City College

Faith, Freedom and Higher Education

October 10, 2014

The attempt to exclude the ideas of exclusivist Christianity on secular campuses suggests that such ideas are also unacceptable in the secularist society that is being constructed.

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The Criminalization of Heartland Christianity

October 7, 2014

The coercive program of homosexual liberation, cloaked as always in the language of love and justice, and backed ultimately by court edicts and intense political and social pressure, is now working its way into the American heartland.

Christian Defense in Court

Frontline Defense of Christian Civil Liberties

October 2, 2014

Christian legal service organizations have emerged as a frontline defense for the Christian community in America, now facing the loss of civil liberties as the cultural Left is making its liberationist ideologies (feminism, homosexualist ideology, secularism, etc.) not merely tolerated and accepted, but mandatory for everyone.

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Safeguarding America’s God Given Liberty

September 26, 2014

“Life and liberty, given by God, these are gifts, these are holy, sacred gifts.” We should respond with highest praise, and deepest gratitude and service.

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Faithfully Confronting the Reality of Same-Sex Marriage

September 23, 2014

Same-sex marriage is a difficult reality Christians must face, and yet it will not go away, and will require that Christians faithfully, unflinchingly confront it.

Christian Perseverance

A Persevering Response to the Post-Christian West

September 17, 2014

Christians must respond in a principled way, speaking and acting from Christian truth, to address the crises of the post-Christian West…

George Fox University

The Intensifying Attack on Christian Institutions

August 26, 2014

We may be seeing the beginning of the end of educational and social services that are in any serious way religious rather than secular.

Christ Our Life

Transcendent Religion in Secular Utopia

August 7, 2014

Essentially, our problem is that we must obey a transcendent God in a society which is being structured to be self-sufficient without God.

Italy Vatican Pope

Practicing What the Church Teaches

July 22, 2014

The great danger for believers convinced of the clear statements of Christ and the apostles on marriage, the family, and sexuality is that the Synod will recommend that formal sanction be given to the practical acceptance of people not conforming to Christ’s teaching, without any change in their lives.