Social Justice


It’s Only Just

Be prepared for higher prices, not just for electricity, but for pretty much everything. Higher electric prices don’t simply mean a bigger utility bill in your mailbox. Businesses will also receive higher utility bills and they too will pass the costs on to consumers…

Genocide in Iraq

Sunrise (Photo credit: Faith McDonnell)

Morning and Evening Prayers for Iraq

If you’re serious about praying for persecuted Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities like the Yazidis, here are 2 prayers to pray daily as a spiritual discipline & an offering to the Lord on behalf of the persecuted.

Photo credit: United Theological Seminary.

GOOD NEWS: United Seminary Continues Renewing the Church

United Methodism’s United Theological Seminary continues being a major force for theological, spiritual, and charismatic renewal in the denomination and beyond.

Social Justice


Mideast Christians, Immigration & Social Justice

As an Evangelical, I believed that “social justice” was meant especially for persons persecuted for their faith, including Mideast Christians…

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