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Believing in the Resurrection?

This morning I was awoken by LOUD music at a Pentecostal Hispanic retreat center across the street. I would like to have slept later, but it is Easter. The Methodist church I’ll attend later this morning will be more subdued. The Hispanic Pentecostals across the street represent surging global Christianity. By some counts, for example, […]

Alleluia is Our Song

For many Christians around the world, Good Friday is always present. But even those who live with oppression, hunger, imprisonment, torture, and death know in their hearts the reality that they are Easter People, and “Alleluia” is their song.

The Resurrection of Holy Russia

Russia is on a path to the rebuilding and reintegration of its culture by Orthodox Christianity. It took the total collapse of the secular materialist Soviet system to prepare the ground for the new Christian re-structuring of society.

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