Chelsen Vicari's new book, Distortion, will be released September 2.

New Book Warns of Evangelical Left Influence on Millennials

A new generation of Evangelical Christians is vulnerable to liberalizing trends in the U.S. church, according to a young new author who pushes back at a culture in which not giving offense is prized more than telling uncomfortable truths.

Icon of the Dormition of the Theotokos

Orthodox Christians Commemorate the Dormition of the Virgin Mary

Today, many Orthodox Christians commemorate the Dormition, or falling-asleep, of the Virgin Mary. Western Christians celebrate the same feast today, but with a different name: the Assumption. As we recall the bodily death and assumption into heaven of the holy woman whose “yes” to God made possible our own redemption and resurrection, we look with hope to our own resurrection and eternal life with Christ.

Genocide in Iraq

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The Episcopal Church’s Website’s Deafening Silence on the Persecuted Church

What a denomination chooses to put on its official website says a lot about what its priorities are and what its vision is…

Rev. Jerry Kulah speaks at the 2012 General Conference, at which he served as a delegate (Photo credit: UMNS/ Paul Jeffrey)

How NOT to Globally Empower the United Methodist Church

Liberal UMC leaders are once again talking about empowering the growing non-American portion of the denomination. But does the proposed solution match the rhetoric?

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