Social Justice


Justice for Palestine

Justice is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot by activists. The word is often attached to whatever cause the activist is promoting. The environmental activists speak of earth justice, the…

Genocide in Iraq

Christians from Mosul took refuge in this Iraqi town before ISIS attacked, forcing them to flee again. (Photo credit:  Allen Kakony for Aletia)

Is ISIS Prompting Reappraisal of Pacifism and Just War?

ISIS invasion of Iraq and subsequent horrors, for which Iraq’s dwindling Christian minority is a chief victim, has reanimated talk about Christian Just War teaching.

Social Justice


It’s Only Just

Be prepared for higher prices, not just for electricity, but for pretty much everything. Higher electric prices don’t simply mean a bigger utility bill in your mailbox. Businesses will also receive higher utility bills and they too will pass the costs on to consumers…

Genocide in Iraq

Sunrise (Photo credit: Faith McDonnell)

Morning and Evening Prayers for Iraq

If you’re serious about praying for persecuted Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities like the Yazidis, here are 2 prayers to pray daily as a spiritual discipline & an offering to the Lord on behalf of the persecuted.

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