Bomberger speech

Values Voter Keynote Embraces Diversity by Defending Life

Diversity was highlighted by a keynote speaker at one of the largest conservative Christian gatherings in the nation, just not how most would suspect.

Lost Boy preaching at Kakuma Refugee Camp (Photo credit: The Good Lie/Motive Entertainment)

The Good Lie and The Lost Boys: A True Story

On Friday, 10/3, the new Warner Brothers film, The Good Lie, opens in 40 cities across the USA. If you are in one of those cities, I hope you will go see this film about Sudan’s Lost Boys right away, opening weekend!

Christian Defense in Court

Frontline Defense of Christian Civil Liberties

Christian legal service organizations have emerged as a frontline defense for the Christian community in America, now facing the loss of civil liberties as the cultural Left is making its liberationist ideologies (feminism, homosexualist ideology, secularism, etc.) not merely tolerated and accepted, but mandatory for everyone.

Students and faculty gather for 2013 commencement exercises at the Episcopal Church's General Theological Seminary in New York. (Photo credit: General Theological Seminary / YouTube)

Another Episcopal Seminary Meltdown?

Eight faculty members at the General Theological Seminary in New York are no longer employed at the school after a dustup with the seminary dean and board of trustees.

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