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Time for United Methodists to Move Forward

The UMAction Steering Committee recently met in Washington, D.C. to discuss current developments, challenges, and opportunities within our United Methodist Church. These faithful United Methodist lay and clergy men and women from across our…


Ex-Gay Therapist Responds to SBC’s “Reparative Therapy” Stance

Christopher Doyle is an identifying ex-gay, psychotherapist, educator, author, and advocate. This is his response to Dr. Moore’s “denouncement of reparative therapy.”

Former Lost Boys at IRD's Sudan Vigil 2002 w/  then U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon. (Photo: Steve Rempe)

The Good Lie: Honoring the Journey of South Sudan’s Lost Boys

Have you seen “The Good Lie” yet? Don’t miss seeing this wonderful story of Sudan’s Lost Boys. And don’t miss an opportunity to encourage Hollywood to make more movies with great values and messages.


Massachusetts Protestants Recall True Selves by Opposing Casinos

Old-line Protestant officials in Massachusetts are backing a state referendum that would revoke casinos permitted since 2011. They note that casinos are “bad news” for the poor, don’t create prosperity, breed corruption, and foster…

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