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Holy Week: Time turned upside-down

One of the most compellingly beautiful aspects of Holy Week in the Orthodox Church is that the Church’s calculation of time itself is turned upside-down. This is done in anticipation of fallen man’s redemption and transfiguration by Christ’s passion, death and Resurrection. From sunset on Palm Sunday to just before the midnight Resurrection Matins and Paschal Liturgy, the Church reverses the normal order of celebration of divine services. Matins is celebrated at night and Vespers in the morning. Why is this, you might be asking?

Podcast: Asia Bibi Appeal Case Again Delayed

Dennis Crowley has an update on the latest appeal proceedings in the case of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to death on allegations of blasphemy.  Her appeal has been delayed three times, some judges might be concerned that they will become targets of Islamic fundamentalists if they appear lenient in the case. […]

Death Has Been Swallowed Up In Victory

The Church’s calendar and all her services are each an entire whole and a part of the experience of God in history. Each service in its own way encapsulates, in part or in whole, all of the human condition from the creation of the world…

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