In Defense of Orthodoxy

The Hymn of Justinian serves as a deliberate perimeter or boundary of what the Church understands the very word ‘Christian’ to mean…

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Jesus, Judgment, and the Church: Part 5 of 5

Didn’t Jesus Say to “Judge Not”? UM Action Director John Lomperis concludes his five-part series on this important, but widely misunderstood teaching of Jesus Christ in this five-part series.


Yale Episcopal Chaplain Resigns After Anti-Jewish Comments

The chaplain of the Episcopal Church at Yale has resigned from his post this week after his allegedly anti-Semitic letter to the editor of the New York Times sparked controversy.


In "Prince Caspian," the Pevensie children are delighted to be back in Narnia, but don't yet know what battles lie ahead for them. (Photo credit: Skandar Keynes website)

Everything You Know is About to Change: Why I Will Never Forget 9/11

I mourn the loss of the innocence, deception or not, that our country possessed prior to 9/11. I mourn the loss of the thousands of our best and brightest young men and women in the armed forces.

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