Social Justice


Education: This Time It Really is About the Children

Few realms of human activity have such a profound impact on individuals, families, societies, and nations than the quality (or lack thereof) in education…


In Defense of Orthodoxy

The Hymn of Justinian serves as a deliberate perimeter or boundary of what the Church understands the very word ‘Christian’ to mean…

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Jesus, Judgment, and the Church: Part 5 of 5

Didn’t Jesus Say to “Judge Not”? UM Action Director John Lomperis concludes his five-part series on this important, but widely misunderstood teaching of Jesus Christ in this five-part series.


Yale Episcopal Chaplain Resigns After Anti-Jewish Comments

The chaplain of the Episcopal Church at Yale has resigned from his post this week after his allegedly anti-Semitic letter to the editor of the New York Times sparked controversy.

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