Unveiling IRD’s Symposium on Social Justice

“Social justice” advocacy in the churches typically means attaching the Gospel to political causes of the Left: big government, swelling welfare and entitlement state, draconian solutions for apocalyptic environmental warnings, hostility to free markets…


Nancy Pelosi Once More Distorts Her Faith

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a hypocrite. There is no other way around it when one professes to be Catholic and yet is in such ardent support for abortion. But Pelosi continues to further…


The Limits of Christian Perfectionism

Recently I passed the above United Methodist church touting its anti-gun stance. United Methodism has officially backed gun control since the early 1960s. This stance is just one of many examples of official Methodism’s…

Protest 007

Churches Push for Peace with North Korea

Should the United States pay Koreans $10 trillion in reparations? Is North Korea the victim of “demonization and propaganda”? Participants in an ecumenical roundtable seemed to think so.

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