Pro Life Generation

GAO Abortion Fingings a Wake-Up Call for Lethargic Chrisitans

Are we really shocked? Christian citizens cannot expect honesty, morality and courage from our elected leaders and their policies if we refuse to elect honest, moral and courageous leaders at the polls.


The Cracker Barrel’s Unbroken Circle

This evening at the Cracker Barrel in North Carolina the music filling the restaurant was the famous folk hymn “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” The chorus is familiar to most: Will the circle be…

Christian Perseverance

A Persevering Response to the Post-Christian West

Christians must respond in a principled way, speaking and acting from Christian truth, to address the crises of the post-Christian West…


How Believers Can Distort the Word

Our broken world constantly tries to vandalize famously cherished works, so why would we expect God’s valued work of art to be any different?

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