A Kurdish female fighter in the war against ISIS (Photo credit: Vocativ.com)

Twitter Success and Courageous Warriors

As tweets were flying, the war against ISIS was being fought on the ground by Syrian rebels and both male and female Kurdish soldiers, as well as by unusual new reinforcements — from the Netherlands and Germany.


It’s Not Gay: Examining Liberation from Lifestyle Bondage

Feelings of “being used,” suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and other disorders mark the lives of many suffering with gender confusion. The solution is a life grounded in Christ’s love.

Photo credit:  National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

Celebrate Down Syndrome and Life

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a time to renew our appreciation for ever life no matter how big or small, born or unborn, typical or unique.


Hillsong Church, Relevance & Pariahs

There’s a good piece by Andrew Walker in First Things on a popular international church network called Hillsong’s apparent equivocation on marriage. At a recent New York press conference, the ministry’s leader, Brian Houston,…

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