Women Against…Women?

Feminism is pro-woman, unless you are a woman who happens to not be a feminist.

Italy Vatican Pope

Practicing What the Church Teaches

The great danger for believers convinced of the clear statements of Christ and the apostles on marriage, the family, and sexuality is that the Synod will recommend that formal sanction be given to the practical acceptance of people not conforming to Christ’s teaching, without any change in their lives.

President Obama Signs Water Resources Reform, Development Act And H.R. 1726

Federal Discrimination against Religion?

Religious groups will not receive an exemption from an executive order signed this morning by President Barack Obama banning “discrimination” based on sexual orientation or “gender identity” by federal contractors.

Ron Hall and Denver Moore, noted authors of "Same Kind of Different As Me"

Working for the Least of These

Poverty is incredibly complex, and has a variety of causes including poor human choices and broken systems. However, poverty is not merely a problem of material wealth…

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