Rev. Jerry Kulah speaks at the 2012 General Conference, at which he served as a delegate (Photo credit: UMNS/ Paul Jeffrey)

How NOT to Globally Empower the United Methodist Church

Liberal UMC leaders are once again talking about empowering the growing non-American portion of the denomination. But does the proposed solution match the rhetoric?


United Methodist Women Release Election Checklist

The United Methodist Women have created a midterm election checklist for its members. Unfortunately, like the organization itself, the checklist is biased, outdated, and largely irrelevant.


Israel: As Seen Through the Eyes of an American Millennial

Zionist” is not a term I would use to describe myself. But as I found myself huddled and shaking in a bomb shelter along the Israel/Gaza Strip border as missiles fired overhead, my perspective started to change.

George Fox University

The Intensifying Attack on Christian Institutions

We may be seeing the beginning of the end of educational and social services that are in any serious way religious rather than secular.

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