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Faithfully Confronting the Reality of Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is a difficult reality Christians must face, and yet it will not go away, and will require that Christians faithfully, unflinchingly confront it.

Genocide in Iraq


Christendom’s Crucible

This is perhaps the second time in modern history when Christians are being targeted not only as second-class citizens for dhimmitude, but for their complete subjugation and annihilation…

Genocide in Iraq

Senator Ted Cruz speaking at the White House rally for imprisoned Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim. (Photo Credit: Jonathan Fuller for IRD)

Unity with the Persecuted

“Speak up for your brothers & sisters. Repent of silence. Rejoice to be in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” Metaxas spoke of unity not because of nationality or politics – but because the Church must speak with one voice against evil.


40 Years Ago: Communist Coup Deposed Ethiopia’s Last Emperor

Emperor Haile Selassie was crowned Emperor upon the death of his predecessor and cousin Empress Zewditu I in 1930, receiving the title “His Imperial Majesty the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Haile Selassie I, Elect of God, Emperor of Ethiopia and King of Kings”.

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