Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori & Martyrdom

Episcopal Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, the controversial top bishop who’s presided over her denomination’s schism and accelerated decline, almost gave a good sermon. Speaking in Kansas last Friday, she movingly extolled Christian martyrdom, citing…

Religious Liberty

Houston Mayor Annise Parker (Photo Credit: David Ortez/Wikimedia Commons)

Religious Liberty and the Bullies

Bullying and the censorship that comes with it appear to be the primary tactics for progressives these days.

A Kurdish female fighter in the war against ISIS (Photo credit:

Twitter Success and Courageous Warriors

As tweets were flying, the war against ISIS was being fought on the ground by Syrian rebels and both male and female Kurdish soldiers, as well as by unusual new reinforcements — from the Netherlands and Germany.


It’s Not Gay: Examining Liberation from Lifestyle Bondage

Feelings of “being used,” suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and other disorders mark the lives of many suffering with gender confusion. The solution is a life grounded in Christ’s love.

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