Christian Perseverance

A Persevering Response to the Post-Christian West

Christians can respond in a principled way, speaking and acting from Christian truth, to address the crises of the post-Christian West. These crises involve both the loss of their own religious freedom to a humanistic understanding of civil rights, and the negative consequences to the wider society of state policy and social practice keyed to personal gratification rather than personal responsibility.


How Believers Can Distort the Word

Our broken world constantly tries to vandalize famously cherished works, so why would we expect God’s valued work of art to be any different?


Jim Wallis: America and “Oil Economy” Created ISIS

In a recent radio appearance, Jim Wallis argued that the blame for ISIS lay with America and that prominent conservatives wanted to invade and occupy every country in the world.

Genocide in Iraq

U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry displays the symbol for Christians painted by ISIS on their houses. (Photo credit: Faith McDonnell)

“Silence is Full of Blood”

“In the Middle East and in Africa, silence is not ‘golden’ anymore. Silence is full of blood.”

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